Kill la Kill 02


jdp: this release dedicated to release

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8 Responses to “Kill la Kill 02”

  1. ちんぽ says:

    Thank you!!

  2. Jake says:

    So awesome! Thank you so much :)

  3. az says:

    21:16 “She’s is the victor of the match.”
    Editors are asleep again

  4. Frosty the Snowman says:

    Thanks for fixing the typesetting from the first episode!

  5. Commander Bubble says:

    it’s almost gurren lagann already, and now they have Yukari Fukui as Mako’s mother.

  6. iprolyh8u says:

    Well, least nothing is poisonous :D

  7. Heavyoak says:

    ok…. unless im dumb, where is ep one?