Kokoro Connect 14, 15

Kokoro Connect 14

Kokoro Connect 15

16 and 17 are currently being translated and will be released when they’re finished.

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  1. spoonTRex says:

    Thanks heaps! I really appreciate this!

  2. thiefa says:


  3. nanashi says:

    Are these subs just based off rori’s? Because there seems to be similarities.

    rori’s version was hard to watch due to its inaccuracy. This one seems pretty similar with its problems, hence I wonder if this is just a heavy edit of rori’s.

    • herkz says:

      not unless the translator is a very good liar

    • Xythar says:

      If two different translators independently translated something the same way, are you sure you’re not the one who’s wrong here?

    • brainchild says:

      Unless rori’s translator also likes to exclude punctuation while translating, or Shurakyo went through rori’s script to remove punctuation just to annoy me, I’d say they were translated separately.

    • Shurakyo says:

      Could you please point out some examples of the inaccuracies you found? I would very much like to know where I went wrong.

  4. Minami says:

    Why are you watching subtitles if you understand Japanese?

  5. nanashi says:

    The biggest problem that comes to mind is the “giri choco” (giri giri de giri) scene. Commie’s version is SOOO wrong that I’m hoping it was due to not wanting to put a translation note for the pun. However, the pun was lost anyway… and it would’ve been easy to translate that in a way that preserves the meaning but ignores the pun. What Commie ended up using comes across as pure BS.

    Most of the other issues are generally missing details or wrong/poor choice of words. Though that’s typical of liberal TL styles (paraphrasing).

    -Subs use the phrase “ruining the mood”
    -The Japanese dialogue translates to “pour water on.”
    -English has that expression too, so not sure why it was necessary to paraphrase that.

    As for similarities, here’s a complex line:
    rori: Trying to make a statement about how Inaba-chan’s given up on being the cool one?
    Commie: Are you making a statement about how Inaban has totally changed as a person?

    (Previous line was asking why Nagase suddenly changed her personality to a cool beauty.)

    Aoki is actually saying two things here.
    My interpretation: Is it because Inaba-chan’s cool character completely faded? Or are you insinuating something? (said with a joking tone)

    First, note the part about the “cool character” is missing from Commie’s character.

    As for the similarity, note the “making a statement” part. It’s a pretty complex line and the word in the Japanese dialogue literally means “insinuate,” so it’s unusual that both groups would use the same (inaccurate) choice of words.

    • Xythar says:

      First line:
      It’s supposed to be a day for love,
      so I can’t have you ruining the mood with that gloomy face of yours.

      Nobody says “pour water on the mood” in English or whatever the hell you’re suggesting so I don’t see how this is a problem. This isn’t even “liberal translation style”, it’s just translating an idiom into recognisable English.

      For the second part:

      Original translated script:
      I-Iori. Why are you suddenly trying to change to a cool beauty.
      Are you making a statement about how Inaba has totally changed from a totally cool beauty?

      Why are you suddenly trying to change into the cool, beautiful type?
      Are you making a statement about how Inaba has totally changed as a person?

      There’s no need to repeat the same term twice in adjacent lines when it’s obvious what she means.

      As for insinuate vs make a statement, I’d have to let a proper TL weigh in on that, but your line doesn’t make any sense. “Make a statement” in this case suggests trying to draw attention to something, which makes sense to me given the story and context.

      You’ll need more detail about what the giri choco pun means, because I had the impression it meant that she couldn’t decide between them.

      • nanashi says:

        There are two types of valentine’s chocolate in Japan: “giri” and “honmei”

        “honmei” chocolate is “real” chocolate given to someone you like (romantically).

        “giri” chocolate is “obligation” chocolate. It’s given to people to show appreciation. It’s generally given to people you are close to but have no romantic feels for.

        (giri choco can also be given more broadly to “people you know,” e.g. co-workers, etc., but that’s not important for this situation)


        Yui says the chocolate she gave to Taichi was giri choco, but then she adds “giri giri de giri”

        This is a pun. “girigiri” means barely. So she’s saying it was “just barely giri choco” (obligation chocolate).

        The implication means she had trouble deciding between “giri choco” and “honmei choco.”

        • Xythar says:

          Yeah, I know about the types of Valentine’s chocolate (got enough of that in Acchi Kocchi), I meant the pun itself.

          Since she gave the same type of chocolate to both of them, I’m pretty sure she considered both to be “barely giri-choco.”

          I think the point of the scene is that she likes both of them and couldn’t decide, which is why they both got “giri-giri de giri.” Hence the lines that you see (brainchild edited the rest of the episode but he kind of threw his hands up at that pun and left it alone, so I did that part)

      • BODs says:

        perhaps we don’t say pouring water on things, however we do have euphemisms which involve water and have the same meaning. (Though i personally had no issues with what was used, just trying to make a point.)

        For example it could have been subbed as:
        “It’s supposed to be a day for love, I can’t have you raining on the parade.”


        “It’s supposed to be a day of love, I can’t let you water down the experience for everyone else.”

        • Xythar says:

          There’s no point in directly referring to water in that line, though. It’s a throwaway idiom with no bearing on the scene.

          If they were showing water in the background, or they made water-related jokes playing off that line, then we could do something similar to what you suggested – but an important part of translation is knowing what does and doesn’t need to be brought over literally from the source line.

          • BODs says:

            i don’t think it’s that important either, i was just pointing out that we do have similar phrases in response to somebody who said we don’t.

  6. Bob says:

    When will episodes 16 and 17 be up? Its about a month difference since 14 and 15 were up.

  7. Tornado15550 says:

    This was awesome! I can’t wait for the next 2 episodes. Although compared to the last ED song, this one was disappointing. But I’m liking Iori’s serious personality.

  8. CaeX says:

    BD batch where need my waifu

  9. Panzer says:

    Have 16 and 17 been forgotten?

  10. Tornado15550 says:

    Holy crap.
    Episode 17 is so cheesy and feels so fake (watched the rori subs one).
    I think I know why the team wants to forget about this show.

  11. Echo says:

    You are not forgotten.