Kokoro Connect 16


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25 Responses to “Kokoro Connect 16”

  1. Orcus says:

    Iori gets gangraped by plot. Turns her into a dissonant menace. Also, Dyson should buy the rights to this show and use it in a line of vacuum cleaners. Because this show has powerful suckage.

  2. Xylos says:

    I’ll re-watch this just for the Inaba cuteness

  3. stgmefly says:


  4. tyson says:

    I never thought I’d see the day.
    also, rip shurakyo ;_;7

  5. Kishi says:


  6. Echo says:


  7. Socks says:

    So, another 6 months until episode 17?

  8. croak says:

    “16 and 17 are currently being translated and will be released when they’re finished.”


    Anyway , thnx for something to watch today!

  9. R says:

    Tooooooooooooooo Fast ! Way to go commie ! LOL .

  10. Hurricane Polymar says:

    Half a year, that must be a new record!

  11. Commander Bubble says:

    At least it’s finally here though :)

  12. randomguy says:

    holy shit, this is real.

  13. Pacific says:

    Even degenerated, KC is still trumps SAO, the most exasperating disappointment of 2012.

    Glad to see you’re scripting in top form again after a seemingly lackluster start on this final arc. The HD encode is also appreciated.

    You use “supplementary exam”, but I think that’s an Anglicism; make-up or remedial exam works and would be more familiar to an American reader.

    Will we see a BD release?

  14. Kinoko says:

    I think “KC17 Fucking Where?” will be the new “Maria Fucking Where?”

  15. Sammy says:


  16. Jaybee says:

    I… I’m sure I was watching this for more than just Inaba’s awesome voice and abundance of sass, but… I can’t recall why anymore.

    Seriously, her voice is awesome.

  17. Bob says:

    When will episode 17 be subbed?

  18. Echo says:

    One more to go.