Kokoro Connect 17 END


It’s finally over.

Now let us never speak of this again.

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29 Responses to “Kokoro Connect 17 END”

  1. keemeef says:

    at long last..

  2. Pyro says:

    Only a year late : — )

  3. johnny_dickpants says:

    bd batch when

  4. cream puff says:

    Never thought I’d see this in my lifetime…

  5. Honeymunchz says:

    Oh god is it 2013 again? PLEASE NO

  6. xDev says:

    finally. after 1237918723917391 centuries

  7. Slitrobo says:

    What was this about?

  8. No says:

    Great show, fuck you.

  9. Panzer says:

    Awesome, thanks.

  10. Chinko Drill says:

    One question. Is Hdr dead?

  11. Schezza says:

    you gonna sub 2nd season? :P

    I don’t know if I watched that ep yet, when my hardrive uh crashed couple days ago, I decided not to rescue Kokoro :P

  12. Emophia says:

    Are you guys not doing Nisekoi then?

    Also are you guys going to bother finishing BlazBlue? You really shouldn’t, it’s not worth it, such a horrible show. I’m sad I ever excepted anything from it.

    Do yourselves a favor and just say it’s dropped.

  13. Hurricane Polymar says:

    Faster than Maria.

  14. pacman2 says:

    Kyhz Pls.

  15. VanFinale says:

    I can finally archive this series I thought the day would never come.

  16. Sneperker says:

    Wait wat? I didn’t know there were any OVA’s.

  17. IceD says:

    Wow. And I thought this will become a DNF joke of the fansub community.

    I am dissapoint.