Kore wa Zombie of the Dead 11 (OVA)


>jdp in charge of releasing things

Ok so I pawned it off to Xythar in the end there.

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  1. Kyhz says:


  2. anonymous says:

    Hi is Commie going to do the Strike Witches Movie? BDMV is up on Nyaatorrents and not sure on which person will fansub it

  3. oppagundamstyle says:

    Oh nice.Happy Hell-o-ween.
    Whats next on the list: lets see…Strike Bitches The Movie

  4. CaeX says:


    >doing something

  5. ballz says:

    Will episode 00 ever be done? Only subs for it out are by hadena, and they’re hadena.

  6. fat says:

    Haruna nips. They finally realized who their market is.

  7. Leguna says:

    wew finally!

    I have been waiting for this :)

    Thanks :)

  8. Shirt says:

    So it wasn’t jdpleased. I want my money back!

  9. redcero says:

    Is it just me or does the timing for the subs are too fast towards the second half to the end?

  10. Lincoln says:

    Hey Commie, I don’t know if it’s just me, but the tracker list for your recent torrents is slightly messed up, causing the openbittorrent tracker to not show up uTorent’s tracker list.

    I’ve been able to fix it by adding a blank line between openbittorrent and nyaa. Which I think is the standard for tracker lists.

  11. Big_Boss_90 says:

    Thank you!

  12. Jimmeh says:

    Thanks for this :)

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