Kuzu no Honkai 06


>tfw ur human garbage

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7 Responses to “Kuzu no Honkai 06”

  1. A_Blind_Man says:

    yay, Trash!

  2. Naxelas says:


  3. Velvetine says:

    Human garbage’s dream

  4. Schezza says:

    we know, but we’re still better than most others :P

  5. Stinx says:

    Dropped. TBH, it should be marked as soft hentai.

  6. People whining about the show? Isn’t that so typical. -.- Just drop it and gtfo if ya don’t like it!! Unlike you scums there are actually some people that appreciate commie’s work on this show. Don’t listen to these scumbags. Thanks guys and keep the good work up! :D