Little Witch Academia The Enchanted Parade


Today we bring you part three in our series “Killing Anime by Subbing Successful Kickstarter Projects”! Enjoy!

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15 Responses to “Little Witch Academia The Enchanted Parade”

  1. Cezar says:

    Where are you in this list, herkz ? :^)

  2. YoshiChao says:

    I feel sorry for the poor sods that had their names put here.

    They’ll be there forever for people to know who to shun one day when that inevitably happens.

    Also why does this image have “>gg fansubs” appear when you scroll over it lol?

    • herkz says:

      because gg fansub is listed as one of the backers in the image

      • YoshiChao says:

        Oh wow, I’m a fucking retard and didn’t even see that.

        Still sad gg won’t return to provide best subs for anything ever again.

        People can say what they want about them, but when I go to Nyaa and organise torrents by “Downloads”, gg will always be there.

        Tho DxD being #1 will always scare me.

    • Jistuce says:

      Oh, that’s okay, it doesn’t bother me. I’m just glad you guys are enjoying the movie too.

      Yes, I did chip in. Got the BluRay sittin’ right next to me as we speak.

  3. Soluna says:

    Thanks for the release :)

  4. pikopika says:

    Thank you!

  5. tehdarkprince says:

    Death to GG

    Long live teh nu Meem.

  6. Fleppensteyn says:

    I like how my name is in almost every credits screenshot because it’s relatively close to gg.

  7. nou says:

    So sorry for being ignorant, but what are the 3? This, Santa Company and ???

  8. Thanatos says:

    I backed this, so stealing it is totally cool.