Lupin 12


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5 Responses to “Lupin 12”

  1. JBX says:

    what happened to torrent… where are the seeders?

  2. Dusty says:

    Thanks for Lupin! One more week (I think)!

  3. Moetrix says:

    Stuck at 60,3% :(

  4. Basement Dad says:

    Noooo. Why. Only one left. *Sigh*. Loved it till now. Was missing this oldschool style they used in this show a long time. Looks 10x better than this cg shit. Ok, this is probably cg two but in a, “Its cg and we make it look like its not cgyish style”.

  5. JBX says:

    now some seeders… thanks commie.