LWA OST & Aiura Special CD v2

Torrent (now with 100% more track titles)

Aiura Special CD v2

Apparently the Aiura CD was ripped incorrectly or something. Also, the Little Witch Academia OST is from the new LWA BD release.

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11 Responses to “LWA OST & Aiura Special CD v2”

  1. mianghuei says:

    So this mean you guys are subbing LWA?

  2. random says:

    No track names for LWA? Were there scans so the track names can be figured out?

  3. random says:

    So is that a “Yes, he double checked and there are none.”?

  4. mianghuei says:

    Taiyou and Fate dropped?

  5. Alexander says:

    Thank you, based Commie.