Mondaiji BD Batches

720p | 1080p | Patches

Includes the five BD volumes and the OVA. A handful of episodes (mostly 1080p versions) were patched to fix extremely minor issues you probably don’t care about. Nonetheless, if you want to update, the patches are linked to above. Just run the .bat file appropriate to your resolution.

I never imagined I’d be spending quite so much time on this show when I picked it up after the original editor disappeared following ep1, but it’s been fun. Big thanks to Futsuu, Haidaraaaaa, Tehshower, and fnord.

Edit: Haidaraaaaa and skiddiks put together a subbed version of the NCOP with touched-up typesetting which you can get here.

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8 Responses to “Mondaiji BD Batches”

  1. ferb says:


    Thanks for the release :D

  2. Path says:

    aand this came just a day after i downloaded and watched every part separatly.. just my luck
    awesome tough not excellent anime
    season 2 hopefully

  3. ちんぽ says:

    Thanks a lot! Also, Are you guys going to release the new DxD episode?

  4. Haidaraaaaa says:

    tehshower ;-;7

    • Soulthus says:

      Hey, Haidaraaaaa. Would you and the others be interested in collaborating with me on the JoJo BDs? I’ve already time-shifted your subs up to episode 16.