Mondaiji BDs Volume 4

720p | 1080p

Yes, we will be subbing the OVA, hopefully soon.

Oh yeah, and this week’s episode of Symphogear (episode 5) will be delayed at least a day beyond the usual schedule due to staff unavailability. Sorry.

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9 Responses to “Mondaiji BDs Volume 4”

  1. danuchiha99 says:

    Is this show even worth it? And will you guys be subbing Mirai Nikki OVA?

  2. tyl says:

    Any chance we’ll see more of the Psycho-Pass BDs soon now that most of the raws are out?

  3. Xylos says:

    Is there any major difference between the BD and the TV (except quality of the image) ?

  4. Seraph says:

    Is Volume 5 the last one? Also, when can we expect that to be released?