Monogatari Series Second Season BD Volume 5

1080p | 720p

The fuck?

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13 Responses to “Monogatari Series Second Season BD Volume 5”

  1. man00ver says:

    There is no fuck in this show, IIRC. But it’s fucking awesome that you released this!

  2. Anon says:

    THE FUCK INDEED, thank you based Commie All Stars.

    Futsuu, Herkz, love you babies.

  3. nigger says:


  4.  says:


  5. Pikminiman says:

    Hell to the yes! Thanks a lot for the release.

  6. haji says:

    Random question:
    Why doesn’t Nyaa use Magnet links ?

  7. dannyboy says:

    Indeed: the fuck?

  8. animenewbie says:

    Nice! But… SIX more Vols to go? Oiiiii….

  9. kayllin says: