Nekomonogatari (Black) BD Batch

1080p | 720p

Volume 1 was re-encoded but it should look considerably better now. No script changes though if you don’t really care.

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9 Responses to “Nekomonogatari (Black) BD Batch”

  1. Soluna says:

    Thanks for the release! I just wanted to inform you that you listed this under “Anime Music Videos” on Nyaa.

  2. anon says:

    did you guys pick up and then drop Mushibugyo before releasing anything?

    it’s not like I lurk your showtimes page or anything

  3. returnity says:

    Great release, I think this is a better job than UTW-Mazui/Coalgirls release, especially in the editing department.

    FYI, there is one typo I noticed, in Ep.04 @ 13:43, “You’ll forever see it in our dreams!” Pretty sure he means ‘your dreams’. Not exactly v2 worthy, but I like to know if my releases have any issues.