Ookami Kodomo aka Wolf Children

1080p | 720p | 5.1 FLAC (for true faggots only)

9/10 would cry everytim

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43 Responses to “Ookami Kodomo aka Wolf Children”

  1. aers says:

    im gay

  2. CheeseQuack says:

    9/10 Would not Bang…. waitwut

  3. Crimson says:

    1/10 Finds a wolf is fine too.

  4.  says:


  5.  says:


  6. aaa says:

    You going to fansub?

    TIGER & BUNNY -The Beginning

    There are raws out on

  7. Kyhz says:

    If you watch this movie you are a furry.

  8. Awchie256 says:

    Thank you so much!!! I was desperately waiting for this to be subbed!!

  9. Some random guy says:

    I can understand that you don’t put AC-3/DTS or FLAC into the file that everyone downloads, but could you offer a seperate HQ-Soundfile for the people who want it? Thanks.

  10. DmonHiro says:

    I get why you wouldn’t put a 5.1 FLAC into the mkv… but come on… at least a 5.1 AAC.

    • herkz says:

      The 1080p has 5.1 aac.

      • DmonHiro says:

        Fair enough, I can understand that the 720p was made with less HDD space in mind, and maybe not everyone has a 5.1 system. I guess that’s why both are on the disk.

        • herkz says:

          The BD also has a 2 channel 192kbps AC3 track. Guess they wanted to cover all their bases.

  11. XXZXX says:

    Good movie, quite enjoyable…

    But were they really learning about air speeds of swallows?

  12. Catastrophe says:

    damn……… the feels

  13. Some random guy says:


  14. anon says:

    someone i feel sad for the mother living alone like that

  15. shirayuki75 says:

    Do you know why the video looks like this?

  16. Mexican't says:

    The 1080 playback is shuttering and the subs are lagging. Something is wrong with this encode. I have tried it on two different systems, all which have specs close to god performance. Tried CCCP and standalone xy-vsfilter and madvr with no luck. No other files have this problem. Looking for help or a better encode.

    • RHExcelion says:

      No, something is wrong with your computer. I too have a system with god performance specs and it runs perfectly fine.

      • Xythar says:

        Yeah. My computer has performance specs equivalent to only a minor household deity and it plays great.

        • Mexican't says:

          Nevermind. Seems my system had a fox in it, i.e. the codec filters were all messed up. Don’t know how it happened to two different systems in two different locations. Oh well working fine. Thanks.

  17. Student says:

    You are effing amazing. I can’t wait for your other movie releases. Hell yeah!