Owarimonogatari BD Volume 2

1080p | 720p

Volume 3 next maybe??

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16 Responses to “Owarimonogatari BD Volume 2”

  1. qhp says:

    thanks for the release

  2. Cezar says:

    >tfw Monogatari Second Series BDs dropped

    >tfw incomplete Monogatari BDs

    >tfw I’m dead inside


  3. noob says:

    Koyomi anytime soon?

  4. man00ver says:

    Thanks! And thanks for the Koyomi update. And I’ll hold forth with a tiny spark of hope that Fnord will one day suddenly want to tune up the script for completing the Mono 2nd BDs, just because.

  5. abcdef says:

    Coalgirls will just steal from this again and then call it “Heavily modified”

  6. Anon says:

    >tfw you will never have a complete Commie BD release set of Monogatari

    why live

    • Anon says:

      If we at least get the third volume I’ll consider it a huge victory and an improvement.

  7. Ted says:

    Where did you get BDMV?

  8. Goku1085 says:

    thanks for the release

    Yowamushi Pedal anytime soon?