Chihayafuru 2 BD Volume 1


let’s pretend the previous release never happened so i don’t have to put a v2 in every filename (especially in case i do actually need to v2 a release)

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Mix 24 END


batch in a few days

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Ace of the Diamond act II 26


there should be new songs next week, so don’t be surprised if the episode is delayed.

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Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV 12


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Free! Dive to the Future 00

1080p | 720p

Like the filename suggests, this is quite literally episode 0 in that it’s set after Take Your Marks and before episode 1 of the series. It’s not just your usual unrelated (in terms of plot) OVA. Anyway, I won’t be subbing the rest of the BDs since they haven’t been uploaded other than the first Japanese volume, which includes this episode. In fact, the only reason I could even sub this is because Funi started streaming it on their website recently. Even their BD release hasn’t been uploaded. If the BDs ever are, I will of course sub them.

Also, a reminder that this anime is native 1080p, so the 720p release isn’t recommended.

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