Panzer 5.5


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37 Responses to “Panzer 5.5”

  1. Masenko says:

    Why 5.5 and not 6?

  2. Insaner says:

    What kind of episode is this a special or recap ?

  3. flossifer says:

    Thanks for this encore presentation of my favorite weekly show, “Axis and Allies: We Were Able to Save our Topsoil”. I’m not sure who I should cheer for next week: The cute “Japanese-German Language Group Plus Token Caesar” or the rich and evil “Col. Saunders Southern Fried Girls Academy”, which, coincidentally, invited everyone out for fast-food before the match, you’ll recall.

    I can’t wait to see to see how -or if- the Russians and Chinese are brought into the story. It could end up costing the real Japan a few real islands.

  4. Petrushka says:

    No longer boring

  5. Anifan says:

    love how both the subtitle tracks are named ;D

  6. Zaton says:

    Is this a recap or what?

  7. Pantsaa says:

    Why make a recap out of a 12 episode anime?

  8. elfdrow says:

    “spectacularly reliable” & “few breakdowns” for a tank that earned the nickname “the burning grave”… just wow

    the engine alone was designed for planes and was refitted to the tank design because it was cheaper than have another plant to produce a real tank engine rofl

    but seriously at this rate I have no clue what kind of crappy description this show will give a T-34 (if it ever shows)

    ooo well. keep up the good work guys.
    and thanks for the secondary track XD

    • Magni says:

      …it’s true. Amongst the workhorse medium tanks (Panzer IV, Sherman, T-34, Cromwell to a degree), the M4 was the most reliable and maintenance-friendly vehicle.

      It was also quite well-survivable after the initial tendency for ammunition explosions had been rectified with the installation of a wet storage system and updated crew training. At that point your chance to survive a catastrophic hit inside a Sherman was higher than in any of the other mediums.

  9. Cliff says:

    I ended up watching the raw of this episode first to see what it was all about. Given my minuscule understanding of the Japanese language I ended up figuring out that it was indeed a poorly slapped together recap episode. Though it was sorta interesting, I wish the crew behind this anime would’ve just gone through with a 6th episode and made the general populace wait for it. It would have been better in my opinion.

    • herkz says:

      people usually get mad when a show doesn’t air when it’s scheduled

      like the people financing the project

  10. Ashitaka says:

    Recap after FIVE episodes? I hope someone in Japan lost their damn job.