Pirates 8


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13 Responses to “Pirates 8”

  1. Kirizuna says:

    its Pirate time ^_^

  2. Daniel says:


    I think your mistaking for “It’s Persona” timeeeee

  3. Fag It says:

    Shiver me timbers!

  4. Tim says:

    Pirates doesn’t seem to get much love in the comments, but the torrenting stats tell a whole different story.

    I started downloading when there was only the initial seed (within about 5 minutes of it going up on Nyaa). It took 17 minutes to download, by which time there were already 75 seeds and 450 other peers.

    People are just quietly enjoying this show (IMO the best new show this season).

  5. oBb says:

    i see an overwhelming increase in token lolis in the last seasons.
    coincidence with mini-hitler’s (Ishihara Shintarō) push to ban “questionable” content from anime?

  6. AMg says:

    They said Princess Gruier character design pay homage to Sailor Moon (odango hairstyle).

    So far, this is the “cleanest” (in terms of Tits & Ass fan service) anime this season.

  7. Sae says:

    Hey, I’m the Barbarossa guy from a couple episodes back. Wondering if the princess’ name might be Gruyère, since that’s the name of several places as well as a kind of cheese. Also it has an accent, which makes it cooler. (About 20%.) ;)


  8. R.D. says:

    I don’t see an entry for the first Pirates on this site… just 2 through 8. Is 1 lying around somewhere?