Senyuu. 3, Senyuu. 2, Yama no Susume 3

Senyuu. 3

Senyuu. 2

Yama no Susume 3

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9 Responses to “Senyuu. 3, Senyuu. 2, Yama no Susume 3”

  1. Mly says:

    Malarious where did you go…

  2. Meromero says:

    Yama Ep3 seems to be missing fonts.

  3. QC says:

    > Then if we clwe clear people

    > When the MWPSB cna’t use

    > People have been mislead

  4. Ryukai says:

    You guys dropped Mondaiji?

  5. jen says:

    “fueh fueh” is missing in Senyuu, now viewers won’t understand what the Hero did’nt understand or think it’s just the Catching part.