Psycho-Pass 2 BD Batch

720p AAC | 1080p FLAC

In commemoration of Tow Ubukata being arrested for domestic violence today, have a batch. There are no changes, so you don’t need to download this if you already have the individual volumes. In fact, you probably shouldn’t download it either way. Later.

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9 Responses to “Psycho-Pass 2 BD Batch”

  1. Anon says:


  2. Tora Blaze says:

    Thank you very much!

  3. Corno4 says:

    Can you provide an un-download option?

  4. erejnion says:

    You seem to be on a roll. Symphogear next?

  5. Mimi says:

    Apologies if asked before, any plans to work on the Movie?

  6. >Jing says:

    >Jing and Jang

    PD: Thanks

  7. Kim Jing-il says:

    I am assuming Ubukata’s domestic violence was down to him trying to act out Episode 3. Hopefully this will get Production I.G. to drop the guy seeing how he ruined Ghost in the Shell as well, I don’t see that upcoming movie selling well.

    I don’t think this season was worth making especially when Urobuchi wasn’t involved but it’s over now.

    Who wants pizza?