Psycho-Pass BDs Volume 3

720p AAC | 1080p FLAC

Things might slow down a bit from this point on while we wait for Japan to upload the remaining volumes.

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8 Responses to “Psycho-Pass BDs Volume 3”

  1. khyree rusydi says:

    Greatness cannot be rushed hahaha. Thanks a lot! :)

  2. anon says:

    are you guys thinking about doing the Yama no Susume or Mangirl! bonus BD eps?

  3. 1234567 says:

    I regret to inform you that Japan doesn’t upload bluray discs anymore and the person who uploaded P-P promised to upload a bunch of shows and stalled pretty much all of them halfway

    • Orcus says:

      Nobody in Japan wants to risk getting their arse pounded like a belt-fed mortar in prison.

    • Xythar says:

      Yeah by Japan I mean China or wherever. Anyway, we’ll see what happens.

  4. Johnathan Joestar says:

    Any updates on when volume 4 onwards will be released?