Senki Zesshoushinai Symphogear 01


One of two BD specials included with Symphogear G volumes 5 and 6. The other one is being worked on and will be out eventually. Thanks to Nanu for translating, Futsuu for TLC assistance, Hdr for typesetting, torchlight for timing/encoding, and ScootScoot for providing the BDMV.

Due to the art style employed by these specials, we have eschewed conventional typesetting techniques to bring you cutting-edge Soft-Hardsubbed Typesetting™. If this breaks your toaster, feel privileged that you were able to witness The Future™… today!

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11 Responses to “Senki Zesshoushinai Symphogear 01”

  1. Ji says:

    Cant wait to set my house ablaze. Thanks based Commie!

  2. YoshiChao says:

    Fucking love you guys, thanks for all the work on the Symphogear series.

    Looking forward to the eventual release of the rest of the BluRays and the other OVA; take your time, but don’t take too long I guess, that’d make all the other people angry.

  3. anon says:

    uhh… so how do i get subtitled signs? latest mac os x mpv build does not show them, don’t want to whip out my windows laptop just yet

  4. Anonymous says:

    >315 MB for a 13 minutes special with like average 20 frames a minute


  5. Anonymous says:

    There’s something wrong with this file, it crashes both VLC and mplayer2 at 9:40.

  6. T-sama says:

    when you guys are planning to release the second ova? :C

  7. stardrago says:

    So, if or when you get the second ova, will you fix the problem with the first one?