Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis 04


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17 Responses to “Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis 04”

  1. Dozo says:


    (CaeX Note: he purposefully chose this to be the webm)

  2. karaage says:

    best webm preview so far

  3. gaijin says:

    this preview, holy shit

  4. Juan says:

    Suddenly I’m interested in this show.

    • AMg says:

      Yeah. Well played, Commie. Well played.

      • Malific says:

        Before you guys get all interested in the show, go check the character deisigns on

        This is literally the only cute character in the anime, unless your into the zombie lolli.

        • Anon says:

          >unless your into the zombie lolli

          You mean you aren’t?

        • AMg says:

          It’s Eri Kitamura talking to her talking mittens self; hence the name Kerberos. Hah!

          Between her and Amira, I take on Amira any day. :3

  5. AMg says:

    Dat End card.

    Ah… The classic switch-a-roo.

    I like how they make character(s) on different scene finish each other sentences to tell a back story about a character/event.

    The ED is super dreamy song: it feels you with warm and fuzziness.

  6. Rasparr says:

    Mi-Miyuki Sawashiro? Orly?! This anime just got 200% better!

  7. Balmung says:

    Just a note to every one. I’m using vlc on a freaken old HP laptop and have no issues playing this entire show. If your having issues its your fault not commies.

  8. AMg says:

    Did Usome and Kapitan contracted ebola-chan?