Shingeki no Kyojin 05


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38 Responses to “Shingeki no Kyojin 05”

  1. Reianz says:

    Thanks for the quick release!

  2. letsgoal says:

    Ready to see an onslaught!

  3. Basement Dad says:

    Yay, almost forgot, next one.

    RiP, Jeff. We’ll miss ya. See ya South of Heaven :(.

  4. Anon says:

    filesize pls

  5. providence says:

    Is it just me or is the title screen jumpier than usual? Was this an attempt to reduce CPU usage?

    • Parpy says:

      Eh, eoten is an acceptable tweak, given the monsters’ defining characteristics in western mythology. I guess if a western author slightly missed the mark trying to describe some youkai or shinto spirit entity or whatever for example, a Japanese translator wouldn’t be remiss to translate it more accurately.

      Also, given all the controversy, no one can claim to not know what an eoten is now.

      • Drs says:

        Wrong reply thread, buddy.

        • Parpy says:

          You see, commenter Haxed should look up to my obviously superior opinion and I was being subtle about it by physically placing it above his.

          All according to keikaku.

          • TheAvenger says:

            I can’t decide whether you’re spectacularly clever or incredibly stupid. Either way, it’s all according to keikaku.

      • Harueh says:

        How about the line “Five years no see” and “I can’t die even if I’m killed”????

        The proper translation was supposed to be “It’s been five years, huh” and “I… Can’t afford to die here.”

        • Xythar says:

          The first one means exactly the same thing. Do you even into Japanese or do you just think anything which isn’t worded the same way as your beloved scanlations is wrong?

          The second one is from gg’s subs, you imbecile.

  6. Haxed says:

    You guys are retarded. Eotenas? Please drop this series and stop ruining it with your garbage translations.

    • Xythar says:

      Are you guys still going to be this mad 5 months from now?

    • Frogsox says:

      Do you actually know what the word was used for in its time? If you did you’d understand the reason it’s being used. Also, you could pay for a legitimate source to watch the show or wait to buy a box set etc if you really want another translations. Stop being so rude. :D

  7. Jormungandr says:

    nice subs, very decent and readable. i don’t know why there are so many downvotes in MAL though (MAL has the shittiest community). but imo commie>gg in this releases. btw, i also prefer your oregairu than other groups. thanks for the release! more power.

  8. Keeper32 says:

    This episode confused me to high heavens.
    Had to spoiler myself. Now I can’t wait for next week =-)

  9. Haxed says:

    Commie trashsubs has no sense of context or flow. They’re trash and need quit with their trollsubs. Not just eotenas they use dialogue which doesn’t fit with the persona or situation of the character. Fuck commie they are garbage. The show is called attack on TITANS not Attack on EOTENAS (wtf?) Commie are idiots. Only retards would like these garbage subs. GARBAGE. -10/10

  10. Harbinger says:

    Wat. WAT. WAT?!
    That is all I can say about this episode. CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE!!!

    • Shayn says:

      Unfortunately I gave in to the temptation and red the whole thing after this episode … I kinda regret it now …

  11. Burnchocolateforfree says:

    Thanks for everything. Please, keep on ignoring all this hate. I like your “cultivated” version 1000000000 more than gg’s.

  12. AngryKoala says:

    I’m watching GG’s subs now, fuck your made up Eotena bullshit.

    If people want to watch inaccurate subs, I recommend this one.

  13. Shayn says:

    Purely for statistical purpose , could you maybe post some kind of pole to see how many people can see The Eotena Onslaught title on their computer ?

    • herkz says:

      a pole?

    • providence says:

      I can see it but this episode makes it pretty jerky. This isn’t my computer’s fault. It’s the script itself. Motion (of the title screen subs) is more choppy this time (video still locked at 23.976fps as always, so subs jerk around on top). All previous episodes played fine.