Shingeki no Kyojin 08



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30 Responses to “Shingeki no Kyojin 08”

  1. Say41Plz says:

    Thanks, as usual.

  2. Psyentific says:

    Based Commie

  3. Anti-Eoten says:

    You guys at Commie are a bunch of stubborn fucks. You still retain Eoten even though it was clearly shown in this episode’s eyecatch that its Titan. But no, you had to edit that out and use your retarded Eotens. You’re just too autistic to use their real name.

    • Kyhz says:

      P.much, yeah.

    • hoers says:


      >still flogging a dead hoers

    • tyson says:

      it’s not really that big of deal though
      it’s all pretty silly but you’re also pretty silly yourself, mister

    • airco says:

      >too autistic

      Yeah, that’s pretty much our motto.

    • Xythar says:

      Who is more of a fool, the fool or the fool who insists on commenting on every one of the fool’s releases even though the fool has spent the last 3 years not giving a fuck what anyone thinks?

  4. Margaan says:

    As Autist King… what about the eyecatch in episode 1 that used “Giant”?

  5. guest says:

    I still don’t see why viewers continue to complain about the changes made in title & enemy. The name’s being used fit the show better in my opinion, hell when I first heard the English name of the show I thought it was a sci-fi show based on Jupiter’s moon Titan. If the name changes bother viewers so much they can just easily go to another site, course only other I know is behind on releases.

  6. Anonymous says:

    “Eoten” lol. Fucking idiots.

  7. Lol says:


  8. RDF2050 says:

    If you guys (the whiners) don’t like it, then why are you even here posting crap and complaining like bitches.

    If I don’t like how a fansub work in certain anime, I have two choices. I either try to look for another one or change the script myself. It’s simple. :/

  9. Anifan says:

    instead of complaining, why not extract the subtitles yourself, and edit it for your own liking?

    thanks for the release ;D

  10. Harbinger says:

    Heh, awesome episode, thanks for the release!

  11. that penis says:

    you know you’re bored as fk when its 3am and you’re reading commie comments

  12. The Speedwagon Foundation says:

    I find them a good source of your daily dose of drama.
    Just cracks me up every time when people are still whining about Eotenas, giant would have worked fine for me, but I guess they thought that sounded too mundane, whatever, I tend to focus more on their abhorrent acts then nomenclature.

    There’s other groups that translate this, fuck knows I watched my fist episode from some group that uses Titans (which I find far less fitting, coming from the greek and denoting specific creatures in their pantheon), but I soon gave up on them after laughing hysterically for a minute or so when they misspelled ‘Wail’ as ‘Whale’.

  13. K says:

    who is fugi

  14. Just a ransom says:

    Guys I love you guys as subbers. but please can you change etonen to titan. it makes more sense. esp when the series is calles “attack on titan”. aside from that keep up the good work.