Shingeki no Kyojin 09


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13 Responses to “Shingeki no Kyojin 09”

  1. Kinza Datteri says:

    Thank’s guys, you do great job.

  2. piss_off says:

    Are you guys FUCKING retarded? It’s Rivaille, not Levi, and no it’s not just this episode. Please wipe your asses from this debacle and recover some dignity.

  3. The Speedwagon Foundation says:

    Dat namedrop in the opening line.
    Well played Commie, well played.

  4. Sequoia Wild says:

    I just wanted to compliment whoever translated the opening to Shingeki no Kyojin… I’ve seen a lot of Guren no Yumiya translations online and yours is the most poetic and moving, and seems to match the intended meaning the best! It’s become a poster on my wall to keep me motivated… wanted to give credit where it’s due (Linked Horizon, too, of course). Thanks for putting the extra work in!

  5. ACrazyOldMan says:


  6. Meme says:


  7. Kimmarie says:

    Because every episode ends way too soon in this anime in particular.
    Thanks Commie though I will have to wait to download this til I get a new house and a real internet connection again, however, I have grabbed the .torrent so I can just start it when that happens :-)

  8. omega3504 says:

    Thanks for the fast subs but I noticed two mistakes. There are probably more but I didn’t notice.

    05:28- not “has”. So the line should be “Every single one of you HAVE such funny faces

    15:32- “If you do, we will immediate fire cannon upon you”. I would have said- “If you do, a cannon will immediately be fired at you”. You can’t fire a cannon lol, you fire the cannon ball. I don’t know Japanese so i can’t say if that changes the meaning too much.

    Miscellaneous- Fix that intro line at 0:04, mankind didn’t encounter their first natural enemy, they encountered their first predator.
    10:00- just for the ironic effect (the lols)- “I’ll do it, with my own two hands”
    Otherwise, great subbing.

  9. Soukyuu says:

    Btw, remember that stuttering problem everyone had with your upgraded logo? Seems like the LAV decoder needs a higher decoder queue to not drop frames at that scene. Set my CPU queue in madvr options to 64 and it’s playing even the ep01v2 nicely.