Shingeki no Kyojin 12


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22 Responses to “Shingeki no Kyojin 12”

  1. Horst says:

    Any Eotenae this week?

  2. Laxx says:

    Comment onslaught in 3 .. 2 .. 1 ..

  3. xDev says:

    are the eotans back?

  4. Marche says:

    Commie Subs, home of the best preview images.

  5. xin says:

    dat POV

  6. bbo says:

    …it’s the will to fight.
    It’s the will to surviiive!

  7. Say41Plz says:

    Thanks as usual.

  8. Azalir says:

    Since eotena is back can we expect v2 patches of the last two titan eps?

  9. Anon says:

    and Eotena is back it seems. Back to EyeTaku I go. It was nice while it lasted.

  10. skyleo says:

    Corrected something for you:
    “That one small step will become a titanic leap for Mankind!”

    should be:
    “That one small step will become a eotenic leap for Mankind”

  11. The Speedwagon Foundation says:

    <3 Commie, keep trolling those OCD fucks.

    The drama is still a bit lacking here, but the torrent page is full of delicious flaming, half the fun of this show at this point is reading the comment sections (in part because holy fuck this episode was boring).

  12. Light says:

    From Where do you download TS raw? please tell me.

  13. /a/ says:

    trolls are always around….they are fucking man eating giants who gives a shit what the name is; it doesn’t matter it still make sense when they say

    “omg a eotian!!”
    “omg i wet my pantsu! and got chomped off from a david letterman looking mofo! this crazy kyoujin did it!”
    “omg my 3d gear has a malfunction since we don’t have gas gauges on our gas supply , OMG a titan is gona put meh in its belly!!”

    STFU haters and shoot yourselves in the head you are lucky people take time to do all the work and all they hear is you incessant bitching! Die or sew your mouth up and chop your fucking fingers off. i am sick of you fucking trolls to no end.

    if you are going to say anything it should be praise.. not “omg i cant believe Commie Subs used a synonym of a word at 13:45 of (insert anime here) it’s THANK YOU! commie, not I APPRECIATE IT! uhg! what are they doing there, who does this translating troll troll troll.

    DIE TROLLS!!!!!!!!!