Shingeki no Kyojin 13


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  1. xDev says:


  2. The Speedwagon Foundation says:

    Good episode, I think from the preview we can assume we got a recap/flashback episode next?

  3. radenradenbesar says:

    do you guys got some FREEZE FRAME and unrelated picture being shown to fill-out some scene?

    for example, freeze frame on 9:47.

    SnK burned their budget and using frozen frame? O_o

  4. radenradenbesar says:

    when the wings of freedom guy came, the frame-rate also changes variably.

    i can see the bokeh fire sparks flying in the backround in variable frame-rate.

    It seems they made SnK13 too short. Padded the intro with 3 minutes of Recap, padded the entire episode with repeat scene, freeze frame, and lower frame rate to make a scene last longer.

    • anon-kun says:

      I noticed it too.

    • platapus says:

      Just me or discoloration (purple rocks and blue green shadows 10:44). Also there was this one point where they reused the same frames. First was when he noticed Armin and Mikasa on the ground and again when mikasa spots a giant but talks off screen. 9:55 & 11:53

    • Soukyuu says:

      Probably also explains the recap next week – if they’re behind schedule animating, they’ll use that to buy time

  5. bbo says:

    for some reason µtorrent doesn’t pick up your torrents on tosho anymore. I have to investigate this behaviour ~n~

  6. Erdied says:

    Including the shorted animation was the ep heavily censored, at 11:34