Shingeki no Kyojin 15


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  1. omega3504 says:

    The description should be “bitch, i’m fabulous”

  2. The Speedwagon Foundation says:

    Well hot damn that was fast.


    • The REAL Speedwagon Foundation says:

      Not as fast as [gg]… saw the episode yesterday. And they even call them Kyojin or Titans…

      • Orcus says:

        And yet, here you are.

      • zRedShidt says:

        I’m pretty sure comments like this give the people who approve comments a brain hemorrhage.
        Are you trying to assassinate herkz, by any chance?

        • Orcus says:

          herkz is too lazy to approve comments. However, I find them hilariously out-of-place.

      • The Speedwagon Foundation says:

        gg translated Wail as Whale once, there is no godamn excuse for shit like that.
        Also, Titan is just as incorrect as Eoten, just be glad we’re not living in the days anymore when they would have called it a fucking Kyojin.

        I prefer giant myself, but seriously, who gives a fuck, I got used to the word Eoten in like 2 episodes.

  3. xephy says:

    So, Crunchyroll translated people addressing Hanji as “Sir”, but the editor of this episode opted to change this to “Ma’am” and use feminine pronouns. Surely Margaan, the person who wrote the eoten manifesto and goes out of their way to do faithful translations, would want to preserve intent in this area too?

    Hanji Zoe is never given a gender, and is repeatedly referred to using gender-neutral language, and the mangaka specifically refuses to comment on Hanji’s gender. Gender-neutral language should be used unless I’m missing some overriding reason why this was changed?

    • herkz says:

      I wasn’t aware there was a gender-neutral version of Sir/Ma’am, but feel free to enlighten me.

    • Margaan says:

      Manga Hanji is indeed ambiguously gendered, but anime Hanji is indubitably a woman. Trust me, I checked.

      (I’d also point out that CR may have used “sir” as a form of direct address with Hanji, but they still used feminine third-person pronouns. In their script, Levi at the very least thinks Hanji is a “she.”)

      • xephy says:

        I know at 9:45 he refers to hanji using “aitsu” (gender neutral), but i can’t make out the pronoun in the following line. I’m just curious where it happens, cause if it’s true then i’m really disappointed in production ig

        • Margaan says:

          There is no pronoun in the following line. This is an instance in which the anime script follows the manga’s almost word-for-word.

          Apart from following Crunchyroll precedent, I have visual evidence: Hanji has a noticeable bust in the anime and not in the manga. She’s either a woman or a man intentionally cross-dressing; in either case the appropriate pronoun is “she”. (Gender-neutral language is extremely unnatural in English; though the challenge might be fun, I’m not about to make my script less natural just to unsex a clearly female character.)

          • xepheraux says:

            that’s…not really how gender works, but thanks for the clarification. as long as there’s no break from the manga in the sense that a character uses a gendered term towards hanji, they’re still gender neutral to me.

            besides, if crunchyroll uses feminine pronouns in some places, but “sir” somewhere else, doesn’t that set their precedent position as also treating hanji as neutral?

            i’m in #commie-subs if you wanna talk about this at more length, but as-is i’m unconvinced. body features are insufficient to nullify a long history of careful and deliberate effort making hanji ungendered

            • Orcus says:

              Can you two do your essay-off on another site?

              • Margaan says:

                Already done (if not by me personally).

                I read over the arguments, glanced at Hanji’s anime character design, and decided that for the purpose of our script, Hanji’s a woman. I don’t think there IS ” long history of careful and deliberate effort,” just a snarky response by the mangaka to a galling question that eventually turned into a troll, and (in response to the other matter) I certainly don’t think mixing pronouns is an acceptable way to “ungender” someone; my guess is that CR was trying to use “sir” as a standard form of military address, without considering its gender implications.

                I do think you’re thinking as a gender theorist where I’m thinking as a grammarian (which isn’t going to get us far), but I might suggest that altering the third-person singular pronoun used to refer to Hanji Zoe in Commie’s fansubs is unlikely to strike a crushing blow against the gender binary.

                (Yeah, sorry Orcus. If I weren’t at work until after midnight I’d take it to IRC, but writing pleonastic comments here is the most enjoyable way to spend my break. I’ve said everything now.)

                • Orcus says:

                  That’s ok. I just don’t like walls of text getting in the way of the funny comments.

  4. DAVID says:

    Thanks man. // What player do you guys recommend? I have been using VLC and it cripples after the OP.

  5.  says:

    >How can be so nonchalant about the Eotenas?

  6. vjott says:

    1)Extract the sub from the the MKV
    2)Edit in Wordpad, Find and Replace “Eotena” and variants with “Titan”.
    3)Save changes and load external sub in video player of choice.

  7. Soukyuu says:

    So your “eotena onslaught” typesetting from ep01v2/04 is now more or less a performance benchmark for subtitle renderers – congrats :P

  8. Some Stupid Fucker says:

    The show has picked up again. Hopefully it will be able to sustain this pace and not slow to a crawl like it did for most of the first season.

    Yo, thanks Commie.

  9. Some random pleb says:

    Why is Levi a captain? he’s supposed to be a corporal (lance-corporal to be precise). The first time he was introduced he was named a corporal, why the change?