Shingeki no Kyojin 19


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11 Responses to “Shingeki no Kyojin 19”

  1. Some illiterate pleb says:

    Finally, cr/hs are have such shitty english me can’t stand it.

    • The Speedwagon Foundation says:

      Maybe it’s the hangover, but not sure if you’re being sarcastic.

      Anyway, cheers Commie, gimme dat sweet eotena ass.

  2. autism unleashed says:

    oh wow you finally beat gg

  3. ferb says:

    what happened to symphogear? :e

    • herkz says:

      translator is busy

      • Pianoman11 says:

        Figured since it was asked is there any timetable as to when Symphogear G will be released?

        • herkz says:

          No, and there never is for any show ever. It’ll be done when people can work on it, and I for one can’t see the future.

          • Pianoman11 says:

            Okay then. I just don’t want to see Symphogear dropped. I love the show so much and appreciate all you guys are doing. Thank you for clearing it up.

  4. The Speedwagon Foundation says:

    Terror piss is a great name for a grindcore band.