Shingeki no Kyojin 20


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  1. flupperman says:

    am i the only one who got a boner, hearing that petra pissed all over herself? super hot

  2. Some illiterate pleb says:

    Haven’t watched the whole thing yet but I noticed you used the word cannon instead of cannons. Isn’t cannons the typical plural in Americanized English?

    • Margaan says:

      It is a bit more common in modern American English, yes, but “cannons” is a bit too recent to fit the edit. I’ve tried to keep the language consistent with the level of technical development in the show’s world (thus in this week’s episode I cut out a super-clever reference to the expression, “hindsight is always 20/20,” on the basis that Billy Wilder has not yet existed in this universe), although I have occasionally bent that rule well past the breaking point.

  3. Some illiterate pleb says:

    Aha, okay. Thanks Margaan for the well thought out edits. Great characterization (especially during moments with emotion), sentence flow with their speech and in-universe language etc.

    So I finished watching it and noticed some parts which I personally didn’t think was right or sounded odd. That doesn’t mean I’m right though or that I’m dissing you.

    “As the slaughter of soldiers continues unslackened”
    I would have used the word
    relentless for that. So, “As the relentless slaughter of soldiers continues”

    “How many do you think died without cause”
    To me it sounds like they died for no apparent reason. Either that or they died without having a purpose to die for. If purpose is defined as doing something useful for humanity, which seems to be what they want as seen in episode 9, then the term ‘died in vain’ is alright. So I would have said the more common saying, “How many do you think have died in vain”. There is no shift in emphasis from how their death was useless/in vain to not that it had no purpose, since no purpose and vain are synonymous.

    “Just you watch how much faith Corporal Levi places in him!”
    Sounds odd to me. I would have said “Just you wait and see how much faith Corporal Levi places in him!”, which still flows with the next sentence. The use of ‘wait’ may change the sentence’s original meaning though, so I’m not so sure on that one.

    “Matter of fact, I’d say you’ll be scratchless your whole unnatural life”
    That would imply she’s never been scratched, which isn’t true. I think unscratchable would be a better term (not unscratched since that implies unharmed).

    This is a small one about sentence flow but I would have added ‘just’ to make the sentence, “Then set your charges to just amputate the wrists.” This would connect with the previous sentence better.

    “Then the person inside her is wearing our uniform right now.”
    I understand what you meant but I can see how it would make it sound like the person in her titan form is wearing the uniform right now.
    So I would have cleared the confusion by adding ‘from’ and subsequently ‘of’
    So, “Then the person from inside of her is wearing our uniform right now.”

    Otherwise, as I said in the beginning, I really liked the subs.

    • Some illiterate pleb says:

      Haha and since I’m at it, ‘I wish you’d stop to consider all the trouble you’re putting us to”. ‘to’ should be ‘through’.

  4. Some illiterate pleb says:

    Damn that’s a long post. Since I just wrote that I might as well ask what was reason for choosing Jean to say ‘fuckshit’ instead of ‘damn it’. Oh, and for ‘Female Fatale’.

  5. ivoSF says:

    in the manhwa “magician” they said lets go dutch.

    but its most likly a scanlator translation error.

    i think as long as people understand it does not realy matter