Shingeki no Kyojin 25 END


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  1. just woke up says:

    11.50pm on a AUS sunday night.

    Good job buds

  2. Margaan says:

    Thanks for watching, folks!

    If anyone’s wondering, I do plan to patch up my many boneheaded derps (Levi’s rank, random typos/lapses in logic, a few impossibly long lines in early episodes, and of course my left-right confusion) when I can.

    [Translator’s note: “when I can” means “before the next apparition of Haley’s Comet, assuming I’m not dead.”]

    • Just stayed up says:

      Thanks for the subbing this series, you were fantastic.

    • birdy says:

      There’s quite a few. Will you be able to pull it off?

      • Margaan says:

        You mean, “There are quite a few.” Many of them just like that one.

        I’ll be able to pull it off if you just give me a few decades, yeah. Definitely by 2061 at any rate.

        • Powerswag-kun says:

          I suspect fixing that pesky “eoten” typo will take the longest.

        • Commander Bubble says:

          Will that episode that uses titan get fixed as well?

          • Margaan says:

            Yup; assuming I ever have time to work on this, that’ll be one of the consistency fixes.

            • Mean Bean says:

              Yo margaan, for episode 4 I think you should use the manga’s line during Jean vs Eren’s fight where Eren yells for Jean to stop because he’s ripping Eren’s shirt. I think that’s important ‘cos it symbolises humanities impoverished state. Also just as icing on the cake it makes fun of the usual scenarios when two characters clash and never seem to mind that they are damaging good clothing.

              • Margaan says:

                Well, uh, holy crap. I was going to reply to this with a patronizing “I don’t add things that aren’t in the Japanese (no matter what they say about me),” but I just double-checked the scene and it turns out that they actually DO mention Eren’s clothes—just not quite as prominently as they do in the manga, which I assume is why the translator didn’t mention them when he gave me the line.

                On closer listening I’ve found that the Japanese seems to be “放せよ! 破けちゃうだろう!”/”副なんてどうでもいいだろうが! うらやましい!” so yeah, the 副 are definitely there (but not specified in the first line as they are in the manga). Here’s the section of the script in question if you’re too lazy to demux:

                Dialogue: 0,0:11:30.25,0:11:31.87,Default,,0,0,0,,Let go of me! This fight’s over!
                Dialogue: 0,0:11:31.87,0:11:34.08,Default,,0,0,0,,I’m too jealous to give a flying rat’s arse about that!{I love “rat’s arse,” but it just seems wrong… “flying fuck” alliterates}{b-but rat’s arse… ;_:}{Did he say that? Because if he did, we should keep it}{he didn’t. he just says it doesn’t matter or some generic shit like that.}{flying rat’s arse just got me more than a million hits on google btw}{I’m up for it, but can we say “arse” in Commie? Does it have to be “ass”?}{we’re using eotena. I’d say anything goes at this point}{SWEEEET}{A+}{I’ll keep this conversation for posterity}

                I guess the line in the final batch will have “a flying rat’s arse” AND something about not ripping Eren’s clothes. Thanks for the catch!

  3. Arnold says:

    One of the best show ends .. So sad. I wonder how long till next season

  4. aidenraine says:

    one of the most over hyped and overrated shows ever. glad it’s over.

    • cmanon says:

      Exactly. I can’t stand it when people watch shows I don’t like.

      • aidenraine says:

        it’s not that I didn’t like it, it’s just that the show had some serious flaws, yet nobody wanted to admit it. now that the show is over, I’m hoping the hype train will die like it did with SAO.. though I know it’ll just switch tracks to a different anime next season.

    • Axiom says:

      Jesus Christ, I thought I was the only one. Maybe if the plot actually advanced at all, it would’ve been okay. People don’t seem to realize how fucking slow the show was because there was a pretty fight scene every other episode.

  5. flupperman says:

    i’m pretty sure that there will be S2, i thought it was awsome and i want MORE

    ps: the thing at the end totally freaked me out

  6. dark_skeleton says:

    Freaky ending, I hope there’s gonna be a second season, this ended too quickly!
    Big thanks for subbing, Commie

  7. anon-kun says:


  8. bbo says:

    Storywise this show is at the point the manga was when they’re started airing the animoo.
    Okay, the manga stalled quite a bit in the last months, but I hope the author picks up the pace and they dont pull another GANTZ shit here. or another Highschool of the dead, releasing a chapter once a year or something.

  9. Mega Jenkins says:

    Thank you for doing this show.