Shinsekai Yori From the New World – 1, KC 13 END

Shinsekai Yori – From the New World 1
Translator: Nanu (who has read the novel). We might or might not use CR starting from next week depending on if it’s an actual simulcast or not | TL Notes

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35 Responses to “Shinsekai Yori From the New World – 1, KC 13 END”

  1. inst says:

    Why end? Pretty sure Kokoro is going to 17.

  2. StubbsiBoy says:

    End? Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Kokoro Connect due for 17 episodes, not 13?

  3. Solaristics says:

    Kokoro ends at episode 13. The last 4 are to be released with the February/March BDs.

    Also question to the Shinsekai Yori, are you guys going to be subbing this fully through, or just this one episode, until CR releases?

  4. Catastrophe says:

    *looks up shinsekai’s synopsis*
    *clicks torrent*

  5. Bob says:

    How often will the non tv ones be released/broadcasted?

    • Solaristics says:

      Not sure how CR is doing it. Simulcast every friday. Are they doing the late Broadcast or the early one?

      They might be doing early one though, release first episode on 2nd, and then broadcast the 2nd episode on friday and continuing simulcasting fridays.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      They’re BD so whenever those are out.

    • Solaristics says:

      Oh, if you meant Kokoro it’s in February and March.

  6. CaeX says:


  7. Shawn263241 says:

    Oooooooooh, this new anime sounds pretty cool. Thanks!

    @CaeX: lolwut

  8. Nachtwandler says:

    If official twitter is right there would be airs or streamings of KC 14-17 before discs come out.

    • Meggido says:

      all the info I’ve seen in regards to KC suggest that 14 will be airing normally next week rather than being straight to dvd/bluray.

  9. Kaz says:

    Interesting new show. I’m a little lost. But hopefully that’s the intention right now. I feel it could grow into a pretty legit series though.

    • bbo says:

      there’s some sort of conspiracy going on. as some say, in every rumor is a grain of truth, there may actually BE graves in the yard – victims of the filth- / faze cats, children that didn’t have the genes for the power and thus where “cleansed” by the elders… the doors are open, let’s see which one the story takes.

  10. Big_Boss_90 says:

    Let’s try the new series… Thank you!

  11. ner says:

    Did you take kamisama hajimemashita ?
    i love this anime

  12. donjuan says:

    I dropped this show after the first episode.

  13. erejnion says:

    Who are working on Shin Sekai Yori? I am feeling too lazy to actually compare yours with UTW, so “by former experience with said translators/editors” seems like a feasible criteria…

  14. bbo says:

    ok, someone get me a pill of this cursed power stuff.
    time to decimate the world.

    …i wonder if filthcats make good pets.

  15. AMg says:

    Shinseaki Yori ~ Sorta mix of The Village and Higurashi with telekinesis. Interesting note that they integrated serafuku with traditional clothing for the Academy official uniform. Showing Japan technological advances is somehow lost in the course of millennium after the bloody prologue and still retains some of the cultures from the known modern Japan.

    I’ll stay for two/three episode to see how it goes.

  16. […] I am the translator involved in the Commie’s release of the Shinsekai Yori Ep.1.</a> […]

  17. anon says:


    >Fallen leaves