Silver Spoon BD Volume 1


This doesn’t really look any better than CR’s video, but it does have some minor script fixes and updated lyrics.

Also, it was really easy to do.

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9 Responses to “Silver Spoon BD Volume 1”

  1. mianghuei says:

    No 1080p version?

  2. mianghuei says:

    Cool! No diff in upscale…. I guess..

  3. stushi says:

    Will you be doing Kuroko’s balls?

  4. Wid says:

    Any word on Railgun? I miss my prepubescent magical schoolgirls

  5. Daniel says:

    Could you upload Silver Spoon [BD] eps 01-eps 12 on CS|Tori [bot]? Some of those episodes were deleted.

    • herkz says:

      lots of things were deleted from the bot, so don’t worry about it. they’ll all be restored soon ™