Silver Spoon BD Volume 5


Will the last volume have the NCOP and NCED? Guess we’ll find out.

Not sure if Monogatari or Free or Yowamushi will be next.

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7 Responses to “Silver Spoon BD Volume 5”

  1. Def_Monk says:

    Gatari plz. Need dat 1080. :3

  2. man00ver says:

    I second: monogatari, pls

    • herkz says:

      well monogatari depends entirely on futsuu not being lazy

      • 2ColouredEyes says:

        Do we need enough votes so -monogatari comes out first?

        I third -monogatari; if that’s the case

        • herkz says:

          no, it mostly just depends on what futsuu wants to work on

          and well yowamushi being slowly uploaded because the guy has bad internet

  3. Vawn says:

    Any chance of you guys doing Ace Of Diamond BDs?