Space Dandy BD Volume 1


I decided to start over with subbing the BDs instead of continuing where we left off years ago. Mostly because the earlier episodes (1-13) could use a lot of polish in terms of timing and typesetting, though the script is mostly unchanged. As for the dub, while it is included with the Japanese BDs, for some reason it’s only 2.0, so I sourced it from the US BDs instead where it’s 5.1. BTW, the dub is really good and highly recommended. It’s probably even better than the original at times.

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9 Responses to “Space Dandy BD Volume 1”

  1. Arid says:

    I forgot to ask this on the nyaa page but I’m assuming you’re going to be using the USBD for Haikyuu Season 4 right?

  2. TheOmnivert says:

    Are you doing the free! movie?

    • herkz says:

      sure, but the japanese BD isn’t coming out for a few months and then i still have to wait after that for whenever the official subs exist, which could be 6 more months

      • TheOmnivert says:

        That’s long, will wait patiently. Thanks for replying

        • herkz says:

          it could honestly be even longer if funi waits until both movies are out to release them. especially since they haven’t announced they’ve licensed them yet (though it’s like 99.9% likely that they will at some point).

  3. Pikminiman says:

    Oh hell yes. Thanks, herkz!