Steins;Gate NCED and maybe OP later

lol I forgot the link to the torrent

Okay, it’s time for our first release in glorious 10bit.

In order to play this you’ll need the latest CCCP beta build, which can be found here:


No, CoreAVC, KLite, and other shit won’t manage to decode this properly.

Why are you doing this?
This CCCP beta was released yesterday and it could use some feedback. We might as well try it out on some small stuff like a NCOP/ED.
If everything goes well and a stable CCCP version is released I plan to release the entire steins BD rip encoded in 10bit.

10bit makes shit smaller and look better at the same time. Yes, even if the source is 8bit.

If you’re seeing artifacts and blocking, then you’re probably doing it wrong. Uninstall whatever codecs you have now and then only install the beta.
Also, in case somebody hasn’t noticed, this encode is only 24MB, and it looks like this.

http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/65931 – yeah i know those aren’t exactly the same frames, cantbehelped.jpg
http://www.mediafire.com/?g9za52lwszlwheb – 8bit encode. It’s almost 2 times bigger lol

Jesus christ people how many times do I have to say we’re not switching over until both a stable CCCP and CoreAVC release that supports 10bit are released.
Well maybe not CoreAVC if it takes them 5 years to update.

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169 Responses to “Steins;Gate NCED and maybe OP later”

  1. Zachary says:

    Video plays flawlessly with a git build of mplayer2 (MPlayer2 2.0-259-g6794bca) and a fresh git build of ffmpeg on x86_64 Linux.

  2. qaz says:

    Yes to another nice x264 feature, no to dumb leechers.

    Updated my player to blacklist CoreAVC on 10 bit h264 streams and everything works great.

    I hope for more releases in Hi10P.

  3. Jukey says:

    I’m having compilation issues when trying to make a new mplayer osx extended binary. If someone manages to get one working that supports 10bit, post it.

  4. menma says:

    >Hardware decoding High10 is currently impossible with consumer hardware (including Nvidia Quadro), afaik.

    >I don’t believe current HW supports the High10 profile at all. I’m not aware of any plans to support it. Sorry.

    ->no GPU hardware-acceleration

  5. Somebody says:

    I think the quality gain justifies this change. Thanks commie!

  6. mond says:

    Pretty nice drama out of nothing. Next release Maria in Hi10P.

  7. thesisidiot says:

    Mplayer2 also supports 10bit encodes.

  8. Anonymous says:

    can’t wait for the shitstorm on /a/ when every group that matters starts releasing 10bit encodes. it’s gonna be hilarious, knowing how retarded they are.

    • LOLOL says:

      LOL The same shit happened a few years back when everyone switched from XVID to H.264.

    • niggers says:

      there was already quite a lot of dorama in a thread where somebody posted a link to ryuumaru’s faq about it

  9. CrusherX says:

    Looks great! Hope to see more of this quality.

  10. AC1 says:

    Remember to disable all filters. Debanding, etc.

    Only problem i get is that the 10bit test video will crash when i close it. I will tolerate that for now.

  11. DmonHiro says:

    Seriously…. is the comparison ture? It’s THAT much of a difference? Are you sure you used the same setiings besides the 8/10 bit thing?

  12. DmonHiro says:

    Now for a total n00b question: what must one do to encode in 10 bits?

  13. lsg says:

    Just out of curiosity, are you going to do an 8bit encode too?.

    I’m not one for beta programs in general and ffdshow doesn’t run as well as win7’s (x64) built in h264 codecs when using the gpu (DXVA) in my opinion. I need gpu assistance for best performance.

    Obviously as Hi10p is new MS is not up to date and as stated most gpu’s don’t support it either.

    I’d like to stick with commie as you’re who I started steins;gate with (obviously the good quality subs etc help too)but I have the above issues regarding Hi10p

  14. Takorax says:

    Just tried it out, the video played fine but a few annoyances…

    1. Trying to open another video afterwards, no matter the type, crashes MPC

    2. I have to try opening the file a few times before it decides to load. Usually no more than 3, but still rather annoying.

    3. Subtitles are fairly low res and I can’t get MPC’s internal subtitle renderer to show the subs. This one is probably just me being retarded though as I know shit all about MPC.

    Rather looking forward to how this will be used in the future. Filesizes decreasing with quality improvements is always a good thing.

    • omanko-chan says:

      Same shit with me.

      All 3.

      I figured only how to solve number 3, which is, after you disable VirtualDubMod in External Filters and disable subtitles (or it would show two subtitles on screen) at ffdshow VFW Codec Configuration, go to Options->Playback in Mpc-hc and enable Auto-load Subtitles, which is usually enabled on default but the folks from CCCP tweaked heavily with the player, which brings me to possible explanations to 1&2.
      I downloaded the same mpc-hc version/revision from xvideo, and replaced what cccp got and it solved both of the problems, but it wouldn’t render 10bit in a good way (still played but with color problems and artifacts, just like it does without the cccp beta release), so it leads me to believe cccp tweaked the player’s code to make it play 10bit video right, which also led to bugs such as 1&2. That’s why it’s called Beta.

  15. MelzHelz says:

    Not a big enough difference to justify me having to get rid of all the software I know and love just so I can continue to watch an anime. Just because you freaks have to analyse every pixel on screen in the anime, now we have to suffer? Thank you and goodbye. I’m going elsewhere for my anime.

    • DmonHiro says:

      Uhm… idiot… all you have to do is download and install the CCCP Beta. That’s it… no magical spell or long incantation. And you DO realize everyone’s going to start releasing in 10bit right? It’s the same as when h264 first came out and everyone was bitching (like you) that they should stick to xvid. Get with the times.

      • hikaricore says:

        The main issue everyone is having is not that they don’t want to get with the times, it’s that people playback these files across a wide range of hardware and software some of which do not properly support this yet and some never will be able to without firmware updates. Media center software for example may be using a stable release of ffmpeg and won’t be using a branch with proper 10bit functionality until such times as the devs see fit to implement it. Stand alone hardware playback devices that support h264 but possibly not in 10bit will produce the blocky crap most people are seeing. Hell and you just assume everyone is running windows and can install a codec pack? For mac and linux users if their players don’t support 10bit they’ll pretty much need to compile a bleeding edge version from source or find another source as the above poster will likely do. No one is saying we should stifle progress, but there’s a whole lot more to this thing than the whole “stfu stupid noob update ur shit” people keep spouting. But what do I know..

        • Tai says:

          Jesus Christ shut up. Read the comments, you’ll find that linux (and mac probably too) have their versions of mplayer2 that played 10bit without any problems way before cccp beta came out.
          The only reason why I didn’t mention mplayer2 was that who would expect leechers to use commandline stuff.

          • hikaricore says:

            Well it’s a good thing you totally covered every point I made with one broad sweeping response… I’ve read every comment made thus far, and as I said before I wasn’t trying to tell you guys how to do your releases or anything.. I was simply responding to DmonHiro’s oversimplified “OMG NOOBS” stance on the subject. Anyway, I’m well aware that mplayer2 supports 10bit, but I can count the number of times I’ve used mplayer to actually watch things in the last two years on one hand, it totally doesn’t help people like myself who use media centers such as xbmc (and boxee) which I mentioned are using slightly over versions of ffmpeg even in the latest git pull. Sorry if I was kinda a dick before but this time I was being serious and bringing up some valid issues. Anyway, again at this point I was responding to Hiro so try not to take it as an attack on you or anything.

  16. otw says:

    You’re doing it wrong. Do some research and maybe you’ll figure out how to do real 10 bi encoding. (Hint: does not involve an output incompatible with 99% of playback setups)

  17. Domo says:

    The difference between the 10 bit and 8 bit encode is not much of a quality upgrade. However, seeing the file size half as much as the 8 bit encode is a good thing coming from a source that has a lot of dark scenes. The only problem is CoreAVC, the one I use on my netbook, displays artifacts and blocks whenever it tries to play the 10 bit encode. Seeing the 10 bit implementation is not yet mainstream is a bit of a relief for me. Hopefully, CoreAVC will address the problem quick enough before the encodes become part of my life.


    • RHExcelion says:

      We won’t switch over to 10bit until both CCCP stable and CoreAVC 3.0 (which supports 10bit, or should) are released.

  18. DragonRanger says:

    Has anyone successfully managed to get a build of PS3 Media Server working with this (or a build of Mencoder that works nicely with it)?

    I can get the video itself to play nicely, but the second I turn on subtitles blocking and other artifacts appear.

  19. peter says:

    fukken scrubs QQing about 10bit encodes.

    Brilliant, looks stunning :) i may be able to do some encodes myself!

  20. Jumendez-sama says:

    Ryuumaru got it right in saying that VLC is the best way to play 10 bit. Comparing the two, MPC has a lot more banding than VLC, so at the moment, your best bet is just swallow your pride and get the latest build of VLC.

    Unless someone knows otherwise.

  21. Anonymous says:

    So, it looks about the same as regular X264 (nice photoshopped comparison, by the way), cannot be decoded on the GPU, and does not have any stable software decoders? Way to go full retard, Commie. Is that Daiz’ influence?

  22. baka says:

    All works perfect wtih those betas. Hoping that someday everyone releases will be like that.

  23. 10bit says:


    Here is a comparison between 8bit and 10bit on S;G Ep 1. Same setting used on both, and the 10bit came out only 10MB smaller, on full Episode encode that is.

    • Tai says:

      Oh goody, how I like detailed comparisons.
      Have you encoded it straight from the source?

      • 10bit says:

        Ah, yea. This is encoded from the 00013.m2ts on BD vol 1 of Steins;Gate.

      • Tai says:

        Bad troll is bad.
        My results:
        233MB for 10bit
        490MB for 8bit
        Same settings:
        –crf 15 –psy-rd 0.3:0.0 –aq-strength 1.4 –ref 16
        I used the same ones to encode ED.

        • 10bit says:

          No, I wasn’t tryin to troll anyone. Are you doing any filtering on the 10bit or 8bit?

        • 10bit says:

          Also, maybe u could make some scrns on, around the same frame as me lol. ~#11320. Just to compare our results. Sorry for dbl post.

  24. Chunghwa says:


    Goddamn this discussion smells like ass. I’m sure there would have been a similar shitstorm on /a/ when subbers switched from XVID to H.264.

    • RHExcelion says:

      There was.

      • DmonHiro says:

        And it was glorious. On that point, anyone read the comments on Flomp’s page when they said they wouldn’t release xvid anymore? Pure gold.

        • Chunghwa says:

          Though this is purely OPINIONS, but to me all the children complaining of a change to Hi10P are like people in the early 20th century going “I’m fine with adding salt and spices obtained from our slave colonies in the East Indies to my maggoty meat, who needs refrigeration? Stop changing to things so difficult to use!” or “I like to heat my house with coal and light it with gaslamps, I’ll have none of this ‘electricity’ rubbish.” In other words, “fuck progress, I like it how I’m used to.”

  25. Anca says:

    Would you ming uploading the 10bit version on mediafire? Torrenting doesn’t currently work for me.

  26. DarkE says:

    Everything just works perfect. I would like to see every release in Hi10P.

  27. SamRai says:

    Beautiful quality, I support this, mpc crashes when starting a new video after this or when closing but it’s worth the quality.

  28. Jumendez-sama says:

    Ok, I’m obviously doing something wrong. When comparing between VLC and MPC, I see more banding on MPC than VLC. I pretty much have MPC running purely on ffdshow and every other decoder blocked, so what am I doing wrong.

    • RHExcelion says:

      Your renderer.

      • Jumendez-sama says:

        …which is ffdshow, correct? But this build is from the beta, so it should be the correct one shouldn’t it?

      • Jumendez-sama says:

        Nevermind, understand what you mean by renderer. Which do you recommend, as Daiz told me to use madvr, which produced similar results as EVR Custom Pres did (which was what I was using beforehand).

  29. basement dad says:

    If you switch over and mplayer can’t handle it until then, I’m gonna kill someone. I won’t use windows for my animu.

  30. basement dad says:

    Ok, nvm. Found the discussion on /a. mplayer svn is the solution. Bleh, svn. Why the heck can’t everybody just use git.

  31. basement dad says:

    Update2: mplayer2 is working (cloned from git), after patching the crappy build script, it works like a charm.
    Who would have thought you have to be a software engineer to watch your animu encodes in linux -_-.

  32. Zero-11 says:

    How long it takes to encode a video in 10bit to 8bit in comparison?

  33. BK_201 says:

    Letting the new ffdshow allows you to watch 10 bit, however, artifacts are still shown, although much less. I agree that we’ll have to wait for a more stable version of ffdshow or CoreAVC.