Steins;Gate NCED and maybe OP later

lol I forgot the link to the torrent

Okay, it’s time for our first release in glorious 10bit.

In order to play this you’ll need the latest CCCP beta build, which can be found here:


No, CoreAVC, KLite, and other shit won’t manage to decode this properly.

Why are you doing this?
This CCCP beta was released yesterday and it could use some feedback. We might as well try it out on some small stuff like a NCOP/ED.
If everything goes well and a stable CCCP version is released I plan to release the entire steins BD rip encoded in 10bit.

10bit makes shit smaller and look better at the same time. Yes, even if the source is 8bit.

If you’re seeing artifacts and blocking, then you’re probably doing it wrong. Uninstall whatever codecs you have now and then only install the beta.
Also, in case somebody hasn’t noticed, this encode is only 24MB, and it looks like this.

http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/65931 – yeah i know those aren’t exactly the same frames, cantbehelped.jpg
http://www.mediafire.com/?g9za52lwszlwheb – 8bit encode. It’s almost 2 times bigger lol

Jesus christ people how many times do I have to say we’re not switching over until both a stable CCCP and CoreAVC release that supports 10bit are released.
Well maybe not CoreAVC if it takes them 5 years to update.

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169 Responses to “Steins;Gate NCED and maybe OP later”

  1. asd says:

    What a great Idea. Oh, sorry. I think I spilled some sarcasm. CCCP sucks btw.

  2. Stalin says:

    I for one support this idea.

  3. dtm says:

    This is probably a stupid question, but what exactly in CCCP updated to allow 10bit playback?

  4. niggers says:

    Installed it with only FFDshow decoding H.264 and also haali media splitter, none of the other pointless bullshit that comes with CCCP.

    Works fine, although fuck FFDshow for video.

    madVR update when

    • RHExcelion says:

      madvr is a renderer. There’s nothing stopping you from using it with ffdshow.

  5. Chriskin says:

    A rather old version of gnome-mplayer that i am using decodes this just fine…

  6. Shinigami says:

    what is this 10bit anyways?

    • Desuwa says:

      10bit refers to the colour depth. Colour depth is the amount of data per colour channel. 10bit colour depth in an RGB colour space means there’s 10bits per pixel for red, 10 for green, and 10 for blue, for a total of 30 bits per pixel. RGB isn’t often used for video, YUV is the regular choice, since, among other benefits, it comes with an easy way to skimp on colour samples to save space.

      Most video is encoded with 8bit colour depth (commonly referred to as 24bit colour). 10bit colour depth allows both more subtle and more dramatic changes in colours, though in general the quality difference will be minor, especially on LCD monitors which have trouble properly displaying 24bit colour anyway.

      The real benefits of 10bit colour depth comes during compression, as h.264 loves to rape video with terrible banding, since it gives more information to the encoder to use. Even if the information is redundant/created, as when encoding 8bit video as 10bit.

      I’m not sure why it would also result in reduced file sizes, since it seems counterintuitive, but it sounds like there’s some kind of mechanism that makes 10bit more compressible in most cases.

  7. hikaricore says:

    If it’s supposed to look like blocky, low-resolution, badly encoded garbage with pretty fonts then all of my players handle it just fine.

  8. Me says:

    Sure sucks for mac users.

  9. M00Tnotreally says:

    Does this mean I have to UNinstall my current version of CCCP and get this Beta or is it just updaters?

    Also, thanks.

  10. Martin says:

    DXVA compatible?

  11. Horo says:


    • RHExcelion says:

      I would be against it if it had improved nothing, but, it does improve on both video size and quality.

      So instead of the uTorrent 2 to uTorrent 3 argument, this is more like Windows XP to Windows 7.

  12. Forte says:

    small note, another CCCP beta came out today as well

  13. ... says:

    Why would you do that?!

  14. Name (required) says:

    Installed, looking forward to the next Steins.

  15. Anon says:

    Works for me *thumbsup*

    People with weaksauce CPUs are screwed though. DXVA does not support Hi10p and CUDA based decoders obviously don’t work on all gfx cards.

    But just as SD + HD releases are done now one could do HD + HD10p releases in the future.

    • RHExcelion says:

      I’d like to avoid double releases because that’s just :effort:.

      But, it’s a good idea nonetheless as it’ll teach people a thing about file sizes or two.

  16.   says:

    So, I should uninstall my shit, and just install the CCCP beta, not CoreAVC long with it?

  17.   says:

    So, I should uninstall my shit, and just install the CCCP beta, not CoreAVC long with it?

  18. Dildos says:

    CCCP is pure shit but standard settings aren’t displaying the video properly. Just need to figure out what settings are needed.

    • Anon says:

      You only need to install ffdshow from the CCCP beta. And make sure you disable most of the built-in effects (post-processing is ok) because they can’t handle the 10bit format.

  19. Forte says:

    Maybe since you’re trying to get people to do 10bit, perhaps you should have released a 8bit version as well to compare to.

  20. Maniac says:

    Getting artifacting using ffdshow tryouts rev3933. Anyone know why? Does something else need to be updated besides ffdshow?

    • Anonymous says:

      You need magical, patched CCCP ffdshow. Regular won’t do.

      BTW, for Linuxians and Macians, very recent revisions of MPlayer and MPlayer2 work too.

      • hikaricore says:

        Svn/git build of Mplayer is also showing a massive number of artifacts. If the BD rips get encoded this badly I’ll probably just stick with the broadcast version until CG or someone encodes it properly.

        • mond says:

          mplayer got patched with this shit in may. Works here™.

        • Guest says:


          >proper encodes

          pick one

          • hikaricore says:

            Granted, CG used to do a really crappy job with their releases, but over the past year or so it’s gotten much better. Their release of Lain for example, was beyond excellent.

          • hurr says:

            >CGi Lain

            >tons of blocking


            yeah, no

          • anon says:

            CGi Lain is the best, what are you talking about?

          • hikaricore says:

            I think you might be mistaking the slightly less than perfect original content with something that happened in the encoding process. 720p with Lain was pushing it due to the upscaling of the original, especially where effects were used. Expecting a 90s anime to translate perfectly into HD is absurd at best. None the less the picture quality was fantastic given the source.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m using MPlayer r33554 (SVN), and it has 10bit support.

          • hikaricore says:

            For some reason I have a recent svn version compiled, but an old version lurking around in /usr/bin. >.> This would explain why mplayer wasn’t working correctly. Mind you this doesn’t change my stance on the topic due to the half dozen other players I use which won’t play it properly still. But it atleast explains the discrepancy on the mplayer topic.

  21. Auro says:

    ED looks pretty, looking forward to OP and/or future releases at this quality

  22. Retard#24 says:

    I must be retarded because I can’t find the link to this video file

  23. Retard#24 says:

    Nevermind, it’s in the torrent section

  24. hurr says:

    I never thought 10bits would look so much better… No banding at all.

  25. Kat says:

    Requesting guide to what to install/change in settings for noobs :)

  26. Comp1337 says:

    and once again, vlc plays it just fine

  27. Chunghwa says:

    Predicting that the next stable of CCCP will be released on 11 November. Why? Since the previous versions were released on 09/09/09 and 10/10/10, wouldn’t it be quite safe to assume so? (Yuu heard it heer furst!!)

  28. Splog says:

    This shit needs to be easier to configure.
    I install it and it looks decent. Still has noticeable banding and some artifacting. After fumbling around the settings for an hour, I somehow got it to look near-perfect. But in a fit of stupidity, I decided to change around a couple of things and reverted it back to looking mediocre. Haven’t been able to fix it again.

    While the brief time it worked did look very nice, going through hell and back just to get it working is a pain in the ass.

  29. bautrey says:

    I tried the beta, until the media player crapped out on me. I’m back on the stable version now.

  30. Shawn263241 says:

    Eh… my comp can hardly keep up with this series’ op already, lol. Don’t make it too rapey, please. Or at least include and old-school 720p release with every 10 bit thing you do.
    Oh, and lemme know when this beta gets a final release. I like new things.

  31. anon says:


  32. Name (required) says:

    FREE OPENSOURCE COMMUNITY, living with betas, erring about progress.

  33. Indekkusutaku says:

    Huge difference, Here is a comparison to the 720p 14 release ED, not exactly a fair comparison but I think it gets the point across.


    • Tai says:

      >> BD vs TV

      You’re doing it wrong.

      • Indekkusutaku says:

        Notice how I said not exactly a fair comparison, learn to read.

        • Tai says:

          Notice how dumb it is to compare BD to TV in this case. Obviously even 8bit bd vs 8bit tv would look heavens better.

          • Indekkusutaku says:

            The banding is still gonna appear on the BD 8bit and that’s the main point of the comparison, sure it’s been exacerbated a bit by the BDvTV quality difference but I feel it warrants the comparison because the main issue still exists in the Blu Ray. Different Series but still a 720p Blu Ray and imagine that it still has banding.


          • Ropertor says:


            The screenshot you’ve posted of Eden isn’t showing banding issues on BD, there’s “normal” amount of banding in your screen, nothing horrible. The animation itself uses derpy background color which have nothing to do with banding.

  34. Heavyoak says:

    ill wait until 11/11/11

    fuck betas

  35. Garma says:

    Man, I’d really like a full episode on 10bits. Have you thought on giving it a try? For all we know, this CCCP Beta may be capable of handling a full episode just fine. I think many of us can also give you some feedback on how it worked for us and then you’d probably getter a proper idea on whether it’s worth using 10bits now or if it’d be better to wait until more stable releases.

    This ED worked perfectly for me, and my CPU usage was very low – around 10%.

    • RHExcelion says:

      It will handle it fine, but not many people are willing to go through this upgrade mess. Which is why we’ll wait until the stable versions of CCCP and CoreAVC are out.

      • Garma says:

        I’m sorry for being persistent, but I think this is worth it. Are you sure not enough people are interested? I mean, I know there are many people who probably cannot play it, like the ones with slow machines, or those who have to rely on CoreAVC, DXVA or CUDA just to play 720p videos, but I’m sure there’s probably enough people that would like to try these new settings.

        Anyway, you’re the ones doing to the job; so, you probably know better. Thanks for the tryout. It looked really nice.

  36. Ztick says:

    is this that thing that was posted on the ryuumaru subs page with the hi10p thing?


    What exactly is the difference? Where can I get a comparison chart of the specs? I’m doing it wrong because I’m getting a bunch of artifacts :P. I’m using ffdshow with haali’s media splitter on mpchc

    • RHExcelion says:

      You’ll need the special patched build of ffdshow packed with the CCCP beta.


    What exactly is the difference? Where can I get a comparison chart of the specs? I’m doing it wrong because I’m getting a bunch of artifacts :P. I’m using ffdshow with haali’s media splitter on mpchc

  39. hikaricore says:

    “If you’re seeing artifacts and blocking, then you’re probably doing it wrong. Uninstall all the codecs you have now and only then install the beta.”

    Nope we’re all doing it right by using a wide variety of players across a wide variety of operating systems and devices. You’re doing it wrong by releasing something that’s only supported by specific software/codecs. I fully respect your decision to do whatever you please with your releases, but just be aware if this becomes a standard you’re going to lose a lot of interest. Most people aren’t quite as understanding as some of us and they’ll just start flaming, bitching, then finally looking elsewhere.

    “Also, in case somebody hasn’t noticed, this video is only 24MB, and it looks like this.”

    The file size concerned me at first and still does. I’m not sure what the advantages of 10bit are, but with this dark scene and plenty of motion I can’t imagine it possibly looking good at this size. Mind you as I’m not running ***dows there’s no possible way for me to use the recommended player/codecs.

    • Tai says:

      Obviously there are other players that can properly decode and play 10bit stuff… BUT WHO WOULD EXPECT LEECHERS TO USE COMMANDLINE STUFF??

      Also, CCCP just happened to be first to implement 10bit decoding in ffmpeg.

    • DmonHiro says:

      Well you’re wrong. It looks great at only 24 MB.

    • randomfag says:

      >you’re going to lose a lot of interest


      >If you had any brains you would watch our subs. We sub for the hell of it and sure as hell don’t want any retards following us around. Autism is a bannable offense.

      >As stated above, we’re content with knowing that we have the best release, number of leechers be damned.

    • fate says:

      As someone who uses Linux, I can assure you this 10 bit thingy it’s as far as i can tell perfectly supported in latest mplayer2 with latest libav (yes, git for both).

    • Desuwa says:

      It’s not like they’re using some kind of weird setting. This is a part of h.264, it’s just that most players don’t properly support it because it’s more work. With the obvious benefits in both file size and quality, it’s only a matter of time before the other players support 10bit colours. Hopefully support will come sooner, rather than later. It seems some mplayer builds support it already, and that leaves CoreAVC as the only important decoder not to support it (yet).

      DXVA has always had compatibility problems outside of a few specific profiles. From what I understand the results of decoding it can vary based on the hardware, making it a last resort anyway.

      Again, it’s not some screwy setting that only works due to a quirk in beta CCCP, it’s (supposed to be) a standard part of h.264 that all players should support.

  40. inko says:

    >10bit encode of 8bit content

    >marginal rounding error reduction

    >inately slower on top of unoptimized decoder


  41. bitcores says:

    if you have coreavc then make sure you block it in the mpc-hc external filters page before trying to play this with the new CCCP beta because it will try and decode it anyway and it will look shit

    if you are using coreavc for cuda then i would suggest trying out lav cuvid as it is also cuda based but will not try to decode 10bit, allowing ffdshow to pick it up instead

  42. DmonHiro says:

    It looks good and all, but could we please have a version encoded in regular 8 bit? I would really like to see the defference.

  43. Tai says:

    I’ll make some comparison screenshots later.

  44. Splog says:

    If someone is willing to help, what the fuck am I doing wrong exactly?


    Notice how that doesn’t look quite as good as http://i.imgur.com/pZhjb.png. I fucked around with so many settings and done so many reinstalls, I just don’t know what to try anymore. Why am I so terrible at this?

    • Tai says:

      That’s probably a video render issue. Are you using EVR synch? MPC -> options -> output

      • Splog says:

        EVR Custom, yeah.
        I just tried out VMR9 instead, and… holy shit, that worked.
        Welp, since I apparently know fuck all about this stuff, what’s the difference between these two renderers? Should I be sticking with VMR9?

  45. evoL says:

    Thank you.

  46. IrrugaSinX says:

    uninstalled my previous CCCP and installed the beta ver while using the default settings…am I doing this right? http://imgur.com/HtFYl

  47. Anonymous says:


    Oh, and, please put [Hi10P] instead of [10bit] next time, so I can actually find the file when looking for new high bit depth things.

  48. Franky says:

    does not work for me; Windows 7 x64

    • Auro says:

      Really? I just uninstalled my existing CCCP and installed the beta and everything worked fine out of the box on my Win7 x64 machine

  49. nice says:

    this is pretty baller, it looks amazing compared to the tv ed (i know its a bluray, but still), and its really fucking small

    you should start encoding everything like this, fuck people who are too stupid to upgrade

  50. ... says:

    Now with same frame comparison.
    For people who are having problems, first completely uninstall the older version. then when you install the beta, make sure to check reset all settings. It should play fine on the default cccp settings.