Sukitte Ii na yo. – BD Volume 3


What BD will come next? It is a mystery.

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6 Responses to “Sukitte Ii na yo. – BD Volume 3”

  1. mtm says:

    i’ll vote for tempesto

  2. Sage009 says:

    Why is Kokoro Connect listed under Completed shows when there’s still 2 episodes you haven’t subbed yet?

  3. CaeX says:

    Accel World?

  4. Mr. Lister the Duel Avatar Fister says:

    UTW has released both Accel World EX1 and EX2 OVAs in bluray 1080p, if you are looking for those.

    Now for the actual episodes in bluray, I’d really love to have them aswell. UTW said they probably won’t do it, so I’m hoping Commie might pick it up aswell.