Symphogear G BDs Volume 1


Yes, it’s finally here. Special thanks to torchlight for encoding, and to zoid9000 and Futsuu for TLC assistance.

With luck, the next volume should be out some time before the heat death of the universe.

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13 Responses to “Symphogear G BDs Volume 1”

  1. mianghuei says:


  2. Symphogear lover says:


    I hope you will do Symphogear S3 when it comes out.

  3. TheWhiteVoid22 says:

    Hey thx for the release this is one of my favorite shows evar know to the main point do you guys have any plans on releasing the first season on BD if you guys do I might be able to provide the raws well that will be just the 1080P ones.
    Best Regards

    • mianghuei says:

      This show is mastered in 720p, not worth 1080p.

      • herkz says:

        [10:47:42] <&herkz> wow no 1080p bloat this time??
        [10:47:53] <&torchlight> have some 720p bloat instead
        [10:47:54] <&Xythar> #blametorch
        [10:48:21] <&torchlight> I started half of ep 2 with a 1080p encode in mind but then realised that it really, really wasn’t worth 1080p
        [10:48:35] <&herkz> lol
        [10:48:44] <&herkz> doing 1080p is so much more effort too
        [10:49:03] <&torchlight> I could use exactly the same avs (except with two numbers changed) but what’s the point
        [10:49:16] <&herkz> for all the people that dont know how to use madvr obv
        [10:49:25] <&Xythar> well, it’s half as many files for me to mux and xdelta, so i sure don’t mind
        [10:49:48] <&herkz> it helps that most anime are animated at 720p
        [10:50:36] <&torchlight> S1 looked like it was done at 810p too
        [10:50:43] <&herkz> so it went down?
        [10:50:46] <&torchlight> yeah
        [10:50:49] <&herkz> amazing
        [10:50:54] <&torchlight> though not by much anyway
        [10:50:56] <&herkz> i guess the studio changed

        • DmonHiro says:

          You’re kidding, right? It didn’t ACTUALLY go down to 720p from 810p, right?

        • torchlight says:

          To clarify, even though the resolution was somewhat higher in S1, the art and animation there were quite a bit worse.

          The lower resolution isn’t that big a deal.

  4. Laxx says:

    This reminds me having this special version of the first opening lying around, for those who are interested: http://goo.gl/ePxydd

  5. MegaMooseJam says:

    Is volume 2 going to be released in the foreseeable future,
    or has Symphogear been placed so far down the priority list that “heat death of the universe” is the actual estimated release date?

    I’m joking, (somewhat,) but I would like to see the next volume soon. Despite how clichéd and utterly cheesy this show is, I can’t help but love it. And, of course, your subs are the best (only) ones for this show so any kind of update’d be nice.

    • herkz says:

      I’m not really sure anyone knows.

      • MegaMooseJam says:

        Ha! Lovely.

        I’ll just be sure to keep checking in until entropy gets the better of me, then.

        (Comment intended to be jovial. No snarkiness here.)