Tales of Zestiria ~Dawn of the Shepherd~ BD

1080p | 720p

Updated terminology and matched most lines with the game. Includes the dub, if you’re not fucking weaboo trash.

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8 Responses to “Tales of Zestiria ~Dawn of the Shepherd~ BD”

  1. Malific says:

    Weaboo trash and proud!

    (or maybe I just fucking hate dubs)

  2. nimeapopol says:

    Is this anime weaboo trash?? will watch the dub just to be sure.

  3. indifference says:

    Thanks for this.

  4. rick says:

    Is this good?

    • Hawky says:

      It’s a prologue to the game. If you played at least the beginning of the game, you will already know this.

  5. Name required says:

    Thanks, doshis!

  6. romo says:

    why bother opening my sealed copy that came with the game when i can get it here with better subs. also when i started playing the game i read on the news that the fire chicks VA died so i played with jap voices…..eng dubs sound like shit now. mistakes were made. .