Tales of Zestiria ~Dawn of the Shepherd~ BD

1080p | 720p

Updated terminology and matched most lines with the game. Includes the dub, if you’re not fucking weaboo trash.

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Tales of Zestiria ~Dawn of the Shepherd~


Here’s something a little zesty to start up your new year. Special thanks to Caphi for translating, and Kajitani-Eizan for… idk. Someone died and made him boss, or something. Sereft was originally doing things, but then she died like moths to a flame.

P.S. Alisha a waifu

EDIT: Right after we finished this, we found a video that has what appears to be the official world terminology. No v2 for now, since some of them are pretty bad and we’re hoping Namco changes them in the final product (if Hearts is any indicator, they probably won’t). If you’re curious, here are our tl’s thoughts on them:

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