Tamako Market BD Volume 6 END

1080p | 720p

See you in an indeterminate amount of time for season 2 and the movie.

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11 Responses to “Tamako Market BD Volume 6 END”

  1. Fug says:

    Your BD releases make my headphones only work on the left side and it’s stuck like that until I reboot. It happened with GitS Arise too.

    I’m using mpc-hc with madVR and LAVfilters.

  2. john says:

    Could you also put up the CD songs from that last BD volume?

  3. newvelaric says:

    Thank you for this great series!

    A question though: are you guys going to do a batch? If so, I will wait for it before watching the series again!

  4. KatKat says:

    Will you guys also be subbing tamako love story?

  5. KatKat says:

    yay!!! that’s great!!! will be waiting :)