Teekyuu BD Volume There Is Only One Volume


itagaki pls season 2

also these BDs look awful so don’t expect much

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12 Responses to “Teekyuu BD Volume There Is Only One Volume”

  1. Elite_Soba says:

    You know that feeling when you’re watching currently airing shows and you tell yourself that you could be spending this time watching all of Teekyuu? Well now I’m just gonna rewatch all of Teekyuu instead.

  2. Someone says:

    Surprised you guys decided to do the BD’s. Thanks!
    Here is hoping for a second season…

  3. H_B says:

    Are you still doing SAOffline?

  4. CaeX says:

    Episode 6 looks a lot better… but it’s the only one I’ve watched… I wonder why…

  5. korol says:

    Anime of the year, again.

  6. Fuji says:

    Whats the hold up with Maoyuu Maou Yuusha?