Teen Titans 04


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  1. Tyson says:

    You remembered, herkz! ( ゚◡゚)

  2. Alexedishi says:

    I think this name’s finally a winner.

  3. crysis says:

    Wha— Oh, the chinese cartoon… moving on.

  4. Echo says:

    I nearly clicked on it just because of the name. I’m not even watching The Eotenas Onslaught >.>

  5. deference says:

    I will enjoy it thusly.


    Good lord…

  6. Path says:

    any1 else not getting any audio in this ep?

  7. Wandering anon says:

    I can’t seem to run this properly. it’s just stuck at the beginning and it doesn’t play at all even though it said it was playing. I’ve tried to run the last episode of your release but it’s working fine. help, i’m noob in codecs. XD

    • seriously says:

      it’s probably the insane video bit rate (not that I mind… but I could live with a smaller file size)

      that or you are lacking codecs to play it.

      but you probably need a more powerful computer to run it well.

      on a side note: GOD DAMN CLIFFHANGERS!!!
      at this rate I’m going to need to grab the manga or die in agony for 1 more week!

    • Rifty says:

      If you have CCCP, make sure you’ve updated to the latest version. They released an update over the last few weeks.

      • Wandering anon says:

        @rifty I’ve managed it to work. I just reinstall my codec.

        i have windows 7 x64 OS, so if someone has the same problem, you might try to reinstall the codec first.

  8. LN says:

    > Audio: AAC 48000Hz mono [Audio]

  9. Harbinger says:

    Yep, I have to agree, that name is pretty much spot on!

  10. Anifan says:

    mine wont even play, it just perpetually on pause :/

  11. bbo says:

    I see you have read the manga.

    But I think eoten is singular, and eotena is plural, not eotenas.

    That’s only my impression, though. I don’t speak english natively and this is just a hunch.

  12. dodeeeee says:

    I am having the same problem as Wandering anon. Can’t get it to playback as well. I’m using the madVR+mpc-hc method. I tried using VLC but the subtitles won’t display.

    • Wandering anon says:

      try to reinstall your codec. this method works for me. we have the same codec using so I hope this works for you too. ^_^

  13. TheMangoMan says:

    I see you remembered my name idea.

  14. sdxfkljsldf says:

    Had to update my ffdshow to play this. Do people even use ffdshow anymore? Before updating it would say it was playing but act like it was paused, like others said. I use MPC-HC as a player.

  15. Drs says:

    They seem to have touched up the OP, for whatever reason. The first shot of Wall Maria looks a bit better, and the scene right after (with everyone posing against the wind) has a bunch of added frames, resulting in much smoother animation.

  16. MH MD says:

    Well… i had the same proplem at the begining… the begining of the opening to be more specific when the logo appear…i just turned off the subtitles a little untill the logo disapper and then turned it on again

  17. Soukyuu says:

    The subs on the logo are way too overkill. I might “only” have an AMD quadcore, but come on, how do you even get a quadcore to choke on typesetting…

    Latest xy-VSFilter/LAV/madVR/mpc-hc. CPU usage:24% GPU usage: 36%

    Turning subs off makes it play smoothly. *shrug*

    • herkz says:


    • Haidaraaaaa says:

      When I’m involved, no computer or toaster alike is safe. I may redo the title typeset for a 3rd time to cut down the line count again since people seem to still be having issues.

      • RDF2050 says:


        Haidaraaaaa, you should put a title like “Attack on toasters” ;)

      • seriously says:

        @Haidaraaaaa: when I used to typeset that happened a lot (btw gj on here)

        the move/resize + blur effects on detailed signs always fry CPUs lol

        the thing that helped was doing a frame by frame to avoid using move/resize.
        (I know it’s weird but it improves framerate a lot)

        it’s a pain in the ass. but for something that’s going to be used over and over is worth it ;)

  18. Reso says:

    18:10 Hannes and his friend are wearing the symbol of the Garrison.

    18:13 Hannes and his friend are wearing the symbol of the Legion.

    They dun goofed up.

    • Reso says:

      18:51 Hannes’s friend is wearing the symbol of the Garrison again.

      Which is it, accordingly to the manga???

  19. Razz says:

    Just a minor detail in the translation of the opening, why is 紅蓮の弓矢 translated as Crimson Hunter when it means Crimson bow and arrow? Sorry if my knowledge on Japanese is a bit lacking.

  20. ImoutoProtector says:

    Officially is Sasha’s last name braus, blousse, or blause? Because I am seeing it spelled many different ways through wiki translations and fansubs. Is Armin’s last name spelled as Arlert, Arlelt, or Arlart? And lastly is Annie’s last name spelled Leonhart or Leonhardt with the d? I am also seeing that translated many different ways.

    • herkz says:

      there’s no official translation or you wouldn’t have that problem

      • ImoutoProtector says:

        Ah thanks. What is your reasoning behind your translation? is it the manga?

        • ImoutoProtector says:

          Are the big streaming sites debating on how to spell the names or how do they decide? I’m just seeing so many different/alternate spellings plus wikipedia spells everything different as well. Ackerman with two ns-> Ackermann? Sorry, its been bothering my head for a while.

        • herkz says:

          i dunno, i don’t work on it. just saying

          • ImoutoProtector says:

            Can you ask for me? And why you or gg or crunchyroll went with what they did?

            • ImoutoProtector says:

              Oh, never mind. Sorry for bothering you. If you you ever find out tell me.

  21. ImoutoProtector says:

    Just wondering what the best way to spell their translations is because its been nagging my mind for a while now.