The Making Of Little Witch Academia


This is from the new LWA release from C84. It’s 66 minutes long and goes into a lot of detail of how they made LWA. It’s pretty damn interesting, IMO.

Also, this release is super low effort since it’s really long, so it just has the subs from the BD untouched and the video is probably not that great either.

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7 Responses to “The Making Of Little Witch Academia”

  1. voltage says:

    Looks interesting. Will give it a watch. Thanks!

  2. duplex says:

    >5.38 GiB

    >66 minutes



  3. anons says:

    >5.38 GiB

    >66 minutes


    Please make one 480p or 360p with 500MB. We don’t need high res for this.

    • herkz says:

      No, also this is live action, so it probably deserves 1080p. I didn’t encode 1080p though since it’d probably be as big as the source.

  4. MH MD says:

    It’s not subbed completely…there is a lot of lines that aren’t translated , or maybe i have some problem with my media player…
    It doesn’t matter anyway…thanks a lot for the release!

  5. Blackiris says:

    REALLY great Making of, most interesting stuff I’ve seen in a while. Anyone who is even remotely interested how an anime is made and how it is for young animators to get started in this business should definitely watch this!