Typemoon April Fool Chapter 1

Last month, Typemoon released a parody VN on their website for April Fools’ Day. Sadly, it was taken down the following day, but not before some brave souls manage to snatch it from the jaws of oblivion (thank you, Miyabro from /a/). The VN consists of 13 chapters. As of now, only the first chapter is done. The rest will be updated at some undisclosed point in time. It’s already there but all in Japanese (for the time being). The chapter ends with a voiced preview that we had no idea how sub with the engine so here’s a separate translation:

This story is getting further and further away from the kind of atmosphere we had at the beginning!
Wait, then what is this?
Is it a B’T-X & SILENT KNIGHT Shou?
No, Satsuki, you shouldn’t climb that hill! You will get to the untamed lands of the second floor!
Next episode of Back Alley Satsuki, Chapter of Heroine Twelve Palaces
Forever Blue (face)
Wait, isn’t that already a corpse?!

Reference list by Nanu after the break.

2013 Type Moon April Fools’ Day Website
Rojiura SATSUKI Chapter Heroine Sanctuary

Episode 1 Parody List

さつき: わたしたちは十二宮を突破して、業界のシステムを変えるため、そして遠野君を助けるために走り出した!
Satsuki: We started to run, to break through the Twelve Zodiac Palaces, to change the way the industry is ran, and to rescue Tohno!
さつき: 敵はきらびやかなシャイニードレスをまとった12人のゴールドヒロイン・・・・・・
Satsuki: Our enemies are the twelve Gold Heroines, garbed in gorgeous glittering dresses…
さつき: 勝てるの、さつき?ううん、勝たなくちゃ!
Satsuki: Can we win, Satsuki? No, we must win!

The Twelve Palaces and Golden Heroines are obviously referencing Saint Seiya, from which the reference of 12 Palaces of Gold Saints originated.

Episode 1
The Origin and the Newest

The subtitle refers to Ayaka Sajou that appeared in Fate/ Prototype, which is supposedly the draft of Fate/ Stay Night. More on this later.

さつき: なんて考えてた時期がわたしにもありました。
Satsuki: There used to be a time where I thought like that.

This is referenceing a phrase from a manga series called Baki. In the manga, Baki, the protagonist says, 「ボクシングには蹴り技がない…………そんなふうに考えていた時期が俺にもありました」 (“There is no kick move in boxing. There used to be a time where I thought like that…”)

リーズ: 本当にありがとうございました!
Ries: Thank you very much!

It’s a common phrase used on the Japanese internet (namely 2ch/ futaba) to express sarcasm at cetain things mentioned in the conversation etc.

シエル: ここが あの女の ハウスですね!!
Ciel: This is the house of that woman, right?

This is part of the lyrics of a Japanese song called “あの女のハウス ~彼を返して、お金貸して~” (The House of that woman ~Give him back to me, give money back to me~”) by 宮崎吐夢 (Miyazaki Tom).
(Ref: The song used in this is the one mentioned here. Ignore the video )

シオン: 玄人(プロのひと)と書いてぷろともん、ですね。
Sion: It’s written as “a professional person”, and read “Protomon”.

Protomon may refer specifically to the one of the monster in Digital Monster card game of the same name (, or it may be as vague as a stereotypical reference to Doraemon (, a popular Japanese character of a blue cat robot from the future, for the “~mon”.

シエル: ネズミのアイドルだなんてその姿を絵にするだけで莫大な著作権料ですよ!?
Ciel: There’s no way we can show the picture of a mouse! Do you know how much we’d have to pay in copyright money?!

It’s obviously referencing Mickey Mouse.

リーズ: ホッホー!イーハー! ヒィアウイゴー!オー、マンマミーヤ
Ries: Hohoho! Yeah, huh?! ‘ere we go! Mamma mia!
シエル: ・・・・・・いえ。 そっちは土管工のクセに王国とか南国とか、果ては銀河すら救う人です。
Ciel: ……No. That’s a certain plumber who saves kingdoms and tropical nations, and sometimes even galaxies.
???: こらー! さっきからアメリカや京都から起こられそうな会話してるの、誰ですかー!
???: Hey! Who do I hear rambling about things sure to anger both America and Kyoto?!

It’s referencing Mario, the plumber in Nintendo games. By the way, Disney has its head office in America, and Nintendo has its head office in Kyoto.

リーズ: ・・・・・・なんだろう、ぱっとしないな・・・ 私的にはラブでライブなんだけど、ゴールドなのにあまりゴールドじゃない!
Ries: What the heck? She doesn’t stand out at all. She’s Lovely and Lively, but there ain’t nothing golden about her.

It’s probably referencing Love Live!, a 13 episode anime series produced by Sunrise which aired between January 6 and March 31, 2013, until just before this April Fools event.

リーズ: うーん・・・・・・もったいない。 マントの下が全裸でときめきにトゥナイトなら即死だったのにな。
Ries: Hmm…. What a waste. If she were naked under that cloak, she’d be an instant hit.
(had to be rephrased to get the context out of the sentence)

Tokimeki Tonight (Fluttering Heart Tonight) is a manga/anime series by Koi Ikeno (manga: July 1982- Oct. 1994, anime: Oct 7, 1982- Sep. 22, 1983). In the ED of the anime series, a naked girl, only wearing a black mantle, is dancing, and hence why Ries mentioned it.

シオン: 全裸マントなら代行者も負けてませんよ!
Sion: Speaking of naked, I’m sure the Executor must be feeling the night’s cold under that mantle.

Sion is talking about エレイシア (Eleisia), the true name of Ciel, and whose body Roa took over as his 17th body. When Roa was controlling her body, she was naked under a mantle.

シエル: あっはっは。 死 ぬ が よ い 。
Ciel: HAHAHA. Now you die.

It’s a phrase from the final boss of 怒首領蜂 (DoDonPachi). DoDonPachi is an STG, similar to Touhou, in which a Colonel, who is the last boss of the game, tells this phrase to the player. Its sequels are insanely difficult games, btw. Even a top player had to take few years to beat the final boss of the series.

さつき: あ! もしかしてあの沙条さん、ひむてん版? ギャグ世界の住人なんだよ、きっと!
Satsuki: Ah! Could that be Ms. Sajyou from the Himuten version? She must be a resident of the joke world!

氷室の天地 Fate/school life (Himura’s Heaven and Earth) (Himura no Tenchi) is a spin-off manga series from Fate/ stay night, featuring the three side characters that appeared in F/SN.

綾香: K K U M M っ! (※キャッキャウフフムーチョムーチョの略)(※ abbreviation of Kyakkya Ufufufu Muucho Muucho)
Ayaka: XOXO! (had to be changed for the context, again)

K K U M M キャッキャウフフムーチョムーチョ is apparently a phrase used in manga series by 磨伸映一郎 (Mashin Eiichirou), the author of the 氷室の天地 Fate/school life, mentioned above.

シエル: まあ、真の目的はメイン・オブ・メインとふんぞりかえっている金髪の脳天気を、スチールレベルまでおとすことですがねぇ。
Ciel: Well, my real goal is to bring down Blondie. Acting like she owns the place and calling herself the Steel level ‘main of mains…’

Steel level refers to the Steel Saints in Saint Seiya.

さつき: ヒロインはもっと対話で解り合えるはず!! せっさんもそう言ってるし!
Satsuki: Heroines should be able to understand each other through conversation! A certain Mr. Setsu said that!

Ms. Setsu refers to 刹那・F・セイエイ (Setsuna Efu Seiei) in Gundam 00, who believed that through conversation, people can come to a mutual understanding.

シエル: ……ですがこの沙条綾香さん、最終的に美男を3人も手駒にして、逆ハーレム形成する超勝ち組の人ですよ?
Ciel: But Sajyou Ayaka here is part of the group of ultimate winners, those who in the end get a hold of three handsome men and create a reverse harem.

Talking about the Fate/ Prototype, ‘a digest version of Kinoko Nasu’s original version of Fate/stay night that he developed as a novel in high school before completely redesigning it as a visual novel.’ The ones who fell in love with her are Saber, Gilgamesh (Archer), and Rider (well, I’m not sure about this one, since it’s been a while ago since I last watched F/Pr).

綾香: ヒロインにして主人公だと言っても、15分の映像しかないわたしです。
Ayaka: Although I’m the protagonist, I only got 15 minutes of video coverage.

Fate/ Prototype is an anime segment released with Carnival Phantasm Season 3, so it’s not even a full episode.

綾香: スピンオフ漫画に出てると言ってもあれはあれで別のわたしですから。
Ayaka: Although I’m in the spin-off manga, but that’s a totally different me anyway.

Again, talking about 氷室の天地 Fate/school life that’s mentioned above.

Ayaka: “Cheap, I knew the churchwoman is cheap!”

It’s a parody of a phrase of a random legend called ブロントさん (Bront-san) in a FF11 discussion board in Japan. He was known for his eccentric phrasings to explain things, and this one “汚いなさすが忍者きたない” (“Cheap, I knew ninja is cheap”) is just one of many. (Btw, the Ninja he refered to is one of the jobs in the game, which apparently was competing with Knight for the position in a party, since they both had the role to attract the attention of the enemy or something. I don’t really know the details about the game myself for I’ve never played it.)

しかし いつもより当たらない! なぜ外したし
But it didn’t hit as hard as it usually does! Why did you miss?

なぜ殺たし (Why did you kill?) is probably the reference. By the way, it’s not a proper Japanese, since if you write it right, it should be なぜ殺したし, having extra し in between. It’s not clear how it gained popularity. Some argue it’s from the phrase of Evangelion, referring to Shinji’s line to Kaoru, and some say it’s from the misspelling of a comment on Nico Nico Douga. Who cares, but it got popular as a meme on the Japanese internet anyway.

Ciel: “I don’t have many friends (smile)”
Ayaka: “Desperado!?”

Desperado is a 1995 American action thriller film written and directed by Robert Rodriguez. The protagonist probably had few friends, and hence Ciel’s line.

リーズは 右から左へ受け流した
Ries warded it off from right to left.

It’s from a comedy clip of a once popular Japanese comedian, Moody Katsuyama, in which his signature phrase, 右から左へ受け流し (warded it off from right to left) made a sensation in Japan for a period of time.

Ayaka: ‘Y-You stole my eyes!’

It’s referencing the phrase of Batou in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, a manga/ anime series, a SF story of robots and internet. In the specific scene, Laughing man, a criminal who was causing problems, stole Batou’s vision, since he was using cybernetic eyeballs.

Ciel ‘Pasta?!’
シエルは トラウマに苦しんでいる!
Ciel’s trauma resurfaces!

As much as I hate to admit that it actually ever existed, in the failed anime adaptation of Tsukihime, Ciel was eating not curry but pasta. (… yeah, really, why?) Pasta is also the nickname of Ciel in Koha Ace, an unofficial spin-off manga. By the way, Chieru-sensei, her pardy character in Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, has the setting of specifically hating spaghetti probably because of the anime.

Ayaka: ‘Serves you right, lololololol’

This was a popular meme in Japanese internet, again on 2ch and Futaba. It has vague reference to FF11 discussion board, on the same line as the Bront-san related topics, but the origin of it is unknown.

Sion’s Warning Shot!
Ayaka: ‘That’s not a warning! That’s not a warning at all!’

It’s one of Sion’s special moves (236A/B) in Melty Blood series, the doujin fighting game that based on Tsukihime and other TM characters. As Ayaka says, it’s not a warning shot at all, since it actually damages her opponent…

Kyhzedit: you should play me in MB if you’re in Europe ( ゚◡゚)

シエルのおとなげない 決着術式(ファイナリティ)!
Ciel’s childish Finality!
It’s a reference to 決着術式 “聖剣集う絢爛の城” Finality ‘Sword Camelot’, which is a spell used in Fate/ Extra. It’s a spell that surrounds the opponent and his surronding with a wall of fire.

ななこは 爆発だ!
Nanako exploded!
It’s probably a reference to the phrase by Okamoto Tarou, 芸術は爆発だ!(Art is explosion!), which was used in a commercial of a video cassette in 1981. For the younger generation, you may know that Deidara in Naruto, the popular manga series, says the same phrase. Anyway, poor Nanako… RIP.

Ayako ‘You are so cold-blooded (tear)!’
{Literal translation would be “You don’t have neither blood nor tear (tear)?’
Ciel: ‘Sorry, that’s out of stock.’

It’s probably referencing 孤独のグルメ (Solitary Gourmet), a manga about Inogashira Gorou eating various foods at random places in Japan. (It was so popular on internet (2ch/ Futaba) that it even got a voice drama CD made in 2009 and 2010 and a TV drama in 2012). The manga itself was published from 1994 to 1996. The phrase in the manga is 「この煮込み雑炊をひとつください」 (“Give me this boiled porridge”) “「あ、ごめんなさいそれ来月からなんですよ」(“Oh sorry, it’s from next month”)「じゃ・・・この煮込み雑煮を」(Then… give me this boiled New Year’s dish”)「ですからごめんなさい、お雑煮も来月からなんですよ」 (“I’m sorry but New Year’s dish is also from next month”). Although it may be a little bit of a stretch, but the fact that Ayaka mentions two things and the manner in which Ciel replied made me think of of the scene from the manga.

オレはようやくのぼりはじめたばかりだからな このはてしなく遠いヒロイン坂をよ・・・
I’ve only just begun to climb this endless Heroine Hill…
オレはようやく登りはじめたばかりだからな。 このはてしなく遠い男坂をよ…
I’ve only just begun to climb this endless Guy Hill…
It’s from the ending scene of a manga series called 男坂 (Guy Hill) (Otokozaka) by Kurumada Masami, the author of the Saint Seiya. Otokoza came to an abrupt end because of inpopularity at the time.

Is it a B’T-X & SILENT KNIGHT Shou?
B’T-X and SILENT KNIGHT 翔 (SILENT KNIGHT Shou) are both works of Kurumada Masami, the author of the Saint Seiya.

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