Typemoon thing chapter 2


We told you it would happen eventually. Again, the ending is voiced by Sacchin. Translation below. Reference list once again courtesy of Nanu after the break.

This is kind of unrelated, but have you guys already bought Extra CCC?
What, it’s not Red Saber this time but a White Saber?
Oh, she is Saber Bride, or so Mr. Takeuchi says.
Next episode: I’m Someone Who Grows from Being Praised
Will I appear as a secret character in that one?!
I guess not!


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Typemoon April Fool Chapter 1


Last month, Typemoon released a parody VN on their website for April Fools’ Day. Sadly, it was taken down the following day, but not before some brave souls manage to snatch it from the jaws of oblivion (thank you, Miyabro from /a/). The VN consists of 13 chapters. As of now, only the first chapter is done. The rest will be updated at some undisclosed point in time. It’s already there but all in Japanese (for the time being). The chapter ends with a voiced preview that we had no idea how sub with the engine so here’s a separate translation:

This story is getting further and further away from the kind of atmosphere we had at the beginning!
Wait, then what is this?
Is it a B’T-X & SILENT KNIGHT Shou?
No, Satsuki, you shouldn’t climb that hill! You will get to the untamed lands of the second floor!
Next episode of Back Alley Satsuki, Chapter of Heroine Twelve Palaces
Forever Blue (face)
Wait, isn’t that already a corpse?!

Reference list by Nanu after the break.


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