Typemoon thing chapter 2


We told you it would happen eventually. Again, the ending is voiced by Sacchin. Translation below. Reference list once again courtesy of Nanu after the break.

This is kind of unrelated, but have you guys already bought Extra CCC?
What, it’s not Red Saber this time but a White Saber?
Oh, she is Saber Bride, or so Mr. Takeuchi says.
Next episode: I’m Someone Who Grows from Being Praised
Will I appear as a secret character in that one?!
I guess not!

2013 Type Moon April Fools’ Day Website
Rojiura SATSUKI Chapter Heroine Sanctuary

Episode 2 Parody List

(WARNING: Not as interesting as Episode 1, sadly, partly because it’s short)

The BGM at the beginning is from Fate/ Extra CCC

Hehe. Five years in the making…
Our production is both splendid and godlike, much like its creators, in truth.

プロデュース(production) is referencing Idol M@ster, a game in which you act as a producer to make a girl of your choice become a super star. They have several variants out already… like three. Anyway there are Idol M@aster everywhere in this episode.

魔法をかけて! という心意気が、私の心をいっぱいいっぱい満たしてくれます……!!
Your enthusiasm is overwhelming! Please, cast a spell on me!

It’s another Idol M@ster reference. It’s a title of a song 魔法をかけて!(Cast a spell on me!), sung by 秋月律子 (Akiduki Ritsuko)

Yes, I will change! I will wear a flattering and shiny dress and CHANGE!!!
CHANGE!!! is yet another Idol M@ster reference… There is an animated version of the game that’s called “THE IDOLM@STER” and its second ED song is called CHANGE!!!

#0.9375 (episode title)
Cinderella girl of sorrow!
Straying Mind, thank you for the memories!!

シンデレラガール (Cinderella girl) is referencing the title of the Idol M@ster game called アイドルマスターシンデレラガールズ (Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls).
迷走Mind is a name of a song in Idol M@ster, sang mostly by 菊地真 (Kikuchi Makoto)

ヒロイン X:
Heroine X:
Like wrestling candy away from a baby.

A Japanese idiom, literally “It was too much of baby submission.” (or “It’s as easy as twist the hand of a baby”), into Engrish for a wrestling term. Or, wait, it’s actually from a popular twitter account called NINJASLAYER (@NJSLYR), which periodically releases… quite an interesting series of story about ninjas in Neo Saitama. In the story, the characters uses really weird form of Japanese mixed with English terms. It’s just hard to describe its unique way of writing, so I’ll refrain from even attempting to explain. It’s really amusing though. (eg. 「アイエエエ!?」「ニンジャ!?ニンジャナンデ!?」)

Do you know her, Ciel?!!

Original line is. 知っているのか 雷電!? (Do you know about it, Raiden?)
It’s from a manga series called 魁!!男塾 (Sakigake!! Otokojuku) (Charge! Men’s Private School). In the manga, one of the characters called 雷電 (Raiden) is being called out using that phrase since he is knowledgeable about the martial art styles that appear in the manga. Since then, it’s became a popular internet meme in Japan.
{Ref: http://m.theinterviews.jp/photos/87/M_3f04741ace63158324a35212f3a6beb2.jpg}

She is about equal of me in Glasses power… Glasses Coefficient is over 300. She’s a target for enforcement action!
Aim carefully and and pull the trigger.

Original lines are
犯罪係数、オーバー300、執行対象です。 (Glasses Coefficient is over 300. She’s a target for enforcement action.)
慎重に照準を定め、対象を排除してください (Aim carefully and and pull the trigger.)
This is from the anime Psycho-Pass, which aired between October 2012 and March 2013. Follwoing is the quote from wikipedia page on the anime. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psycho-Pass)
“Psycho-Pass is set in a future where it is possible to instantaneously measure a person’s mental state, personality, and the probability that a person will commit crimes, all through a device installed on each citizen’s body called a Psycho-Pass. When this probability, measured by the “Crime Coefficient” index, is too high in an individual, they are pursued and apprehended—with lethal force, if necessary… Both Enforcers and Inspectors use magnum-esque “Dominators”, special weapons designed to fire only on those with a higher-than-acceptable Crime Coefficient.”

What? She’s so strong that even Ciel, the Burial-something’s number seven, takes note of her?!

埋葬機関 (Burial Agency) (maisou kikan) is a group of special Inquisitors gathered by the Church. For more info, visit the Type Moon Wiki page (http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Church).

Huh? Number seven in what? The Mars rankings?

Mars Ranking is a ranking that appeared in a manga called テラフォーマーズ (Terra Formers). It’s about exterminating cockroaches on Mars, and it reminded me of GANTZ, if you know what I mean. Pretty interesting piece of art.

She sort of gets the point, but the full armor and exposed skin/Zero isn’t making “anyone happy at all!

露出/Zero (skin/Zero)is a reference to Fate/Zero. I feel dumb even listing this here, but whatever.

We need to see more skin…
Well, if that’s what we’re lacking, we could just ask the Executioner to flip her mantle.

Referring to the Elesia, Ciel’s former self. More detail at Type Moon Wiki etc (http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Ciel). I already made an explanation in the Episode 1’s list anyway.

Great something!!

It goes as “Great Horn” if not abbreviated.
It’s referencing a move by a character in Saint Seiya called Aldebaran, who is the Gold Saint of Taurus. Despite this grand theme of Saint Seiya, Rider is the only one who actually was faithful to it. Oh wait, Satsuki’s Comet Punch is from Saint Seiya too. Never mind then.

Live-action Devilman!

デビルマン (Devil Man) is a manga/ anime series by Go Nagai (manga: June 11, 1972 – June 24, 1973. anime: July 8, 1972 – April 7, 1973). The series was pretty popular at the time. HOWEVER, the live-action that was made in 2004 was just HORRENDOUS. It’s popular on the internet for how bad it is (Like, all the actors are complete amateurs, and the best actor in the movie was a child. Oh yeah, not to mention the fact that it had a budget of one billion yen and it made only back half of that). I advise you never waste time trying to watch this movie.
Kyhzedit: now I want to watch it.

わしは ゆたかな 大地になる!!
I will become the rich earth!

It’s a direct reference to a line called out for the special move of 火山爆破星人 (Volcano Explosion Alien) in a manga called 第三世界の長井 (Nagai of the third world) by Nagai Ken. 火山爆破星人, Volcano Explosion Alien, can make volcanos explode with the said line. See the reference for details.
{Ref: http://p.twpl.jp/show/orig/8nlT7}{btw, this is a picture I randomly found on internet, so it’s not mine}

Kiss and then Goodbye!

Straight from the lyrics of “リトルグッバイ (Little Goodbye),” the ED song of Zegapain. I don’t know why it’s relevant here, but it probably is. ┐(´~`;)┌

‘True Heroine Docking!’

ドッキング (docking) probably is referencing Vivid Red Operation, an anime that aired from Jan 11, 2013 to Mar 29, 2013. In the anime, two girls perform what’s called a Docking Operation. Think of it as the Fusion in DBZ with some moe added. By the way, considering how the recent anime were referenced in the first several episodes, could it be that this event was being worked on pretty recently?

A tree that comes to one’s mind?

It’s referencing a TV ad song for HITACHI that had for catchphrase 気になる木 (A tree that comes to one’s mind). See the reference for details. I have not much to say on this. {http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHWXdcURHEE}

どうかしら? フォーマー的なノリで。
Something more impressive, perhaps?
A robot? How about a robot that changes from a horse into a heroine?
You know, the kind that transforms.
(That means ‘good job’)
Scream ♥
(That means ‘you are silly’)

Yeah, Transformers. It’s hard to miss it since they mention Bummblebee and (Star)Scream, who are characters in Transformers.


I’m Someone Who Grows from Being Praised

It may be referencing a radio program called ほめられてのびるらじおZ (Radio program that grows from being praised Z), which is sponsored by an adult game production company. Or, it could be just a general phrase.

Sacchin deserves more love. You know what I mean. New Tsukihime remake with Sacchin route when and where?!
Kyhzedit: Melty Blood HD when and where?!

That’s it for this episode.

Episode 3 is much longer (and by that I mean @#$%^&* long, when you look at the whole script) and much more interesting. And yeah, it features everyone’s favorite: the red Saber clone (I’m being sarcastic, ofc).

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