Yama no Susume 1-2

Yama no Susume – Encouragement of Climb

Episode 1

Episode 2

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13 Responses to “Yama no Susume 1-2”

  1. CaeX says:

    Thanks for picking this up

  2. knight says:

    are you guy doing chihayafuru season 2?

    thank you

  3. Kayllin says:

    Where are the subtitles? I can see subtitles on every other release under Commie. They aren’t displaying with Media Player Classic home cinema, and FYI yes I have subtitles enabled.

  4. Kayllin says:

    Nvm I figured it out, I just reinstalled Media Player Classic latest version, and re-set up madVR and now I can see them again, thanks. Dunno why the fuck I had to reinstall it but its working now nonetheless, thanks for the release!

  5. Riders says:

    Will you guys also do Kotoura-san?

  6. Kchiyo says:

    Just change the name to Lolie subs already!

  7. Infralion says:

    Loli moeshit

  8. Lolimaster says:

    Encouragement of climb sound real derpy and you didn’t even mention mountain! Joy of Climbing sounds better. Or Mountain Lust since you got two girls.